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Star Katrine Jensenius release date 1971 Denmark director Thomas Krag duration 1 hours, 30m

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105 m Shimon Dotan In New York City in 1980, Dexter Mitchell plays half-willing big brother to his neighbors, a trio of exchange students from the People's Republic of China user Rating 7,3 of 10 star Scores 51 Votes

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scores - 715 vote; 1986; movie Info - Müllers Büro is a movie starring Andreas Vitásek, Barbara Rudnik, and Christian Schmidt. Private detective Max Müller and his assistent Larry try to solve a crime but find themselves in strange bars and women; Comedy; duration - 1Hours 44 Minute

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Ihsan Baysal


Directors - Ümit Efekan

Writed by - Erdogan Tünas


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Lucio Bastolla, Alfonso Perugini

release year: 2018

Runtime: 8 m

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7,4 / 10 stars
Julian Pölsler
Julian Pölsler
Die Wand is a movie starring Martina Gedeck, Luchs, and Karlheinz Hackl. A woman inexplicably finds herself cut off from all human contact when an invisible, unyielding wall suddenly surrounds the countryside. Accompanied by her
1 h 48min

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Year: 2017 / country: Switzerland / Charles Kleiber / Genre: Short

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Score - 17 Votes. countries - Hong Kong. directed by - Cheng Hou. Frank the carpenter is in love with Hsiao Cheng, his boss's daughter. Frank knows there is no hope for him to marry the daughter of the haughty, rich man, and pronounces a vow to become a Shaolin monk. The wife of Frank's former boss has an extra-marital affair with the carpenter-shop's foreman. When the boss finds out, the foreman kills him, and sets the blame on Frank. Frank will fight for his honour, and wins back his good name - but not his former love. Duration - 88 Minutes

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genre=History, Documentary

This is a film about the ultimately tragic journey of a football (soccer) team to a cup final at the famous Wembley Stadium in London. But it is really about the relationship between the team and their community and supporters and their shared values and beliefs. It makes you remember why you loved sport in the first place, and also reminds you that teamwork and pride in what you do are essential qualities in life

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liked it=162 Votes / 2009 / tomatometer=5,9 / 10 / genres=Comedy / cast=Didier Bourdon

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  • Directed by - Carlo Carlei
  • tomatometer - 6,5 of 10
  • creators - William Shakespeare, Julian Fellowes
  • Romeo and Juliet secretly wed despite the sworn contempt their families hold for each other. It is not long, however, before a chain of fateful events changes the lives of both families forever
  • Runtime - 1h 53Minute

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An anthology film about the useful lessons that remain after the ex has gone on their way. Five women tell their stories. Duration - 12 min. USA

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93m / Writers=Louisa Rose / audience score=13767 vote / 7,3 / 10 / director=Brian De Palma

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actor: Anthony Hopkins. Directed by: Ned Sherrin. UK. genre: Biography. 90minute

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rating: 24 Votes / Director: Jung-Liang Hung / runtime: 93 M / tomatometers: 7,4 of 10 star

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Creators Alex Mott. Country UK. Alex Mott

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3062 votes

Director=Amy Holden Jones


5,7 / 10

writer=Randy Howze, Amy Holden Jones

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28806 Votes. Ken Daurio. Year: 2001. Sci-Fi. Star: Swoosie Kurtz

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Writed by=Antony J. Bowman

Directors=Antony J. Bowman


Audience score=21 vote

Average rating=5,5 of 10 Stars

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Donald Wrye / 1983 / 38 Vote / Casts=Graham Beckel / User Rating=6,7 / 10