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0. Preface I started playing the original Dota Auto Chess at the beginning of this year, have since gone on to try all of the new auto-battler games that have come out (Underlords, TFT, Battlegrounds, etc. ), and am finding myself coming back to Drodo’s Auto Chess due to what I believe has the best balance and skill expression in the current genre. I just hit King (), and wanted to update and repost my Auto Chess guide to help more people enjoy the game. For those who are curious, I wrote the previous version of this guide for the original Auto Chess back when it was popular () Here is the updated version of my guide, translated for Auto Chess Mobile. 1. Know Your Ideal Team Composition It is important to be familiar with the meta team compositions and know exactly which units you are looking for. This saves you time and gold (you don't have to think about whether you should buy or hold onto a certain unit). It is also important to not tunnel vision into only looking for the ideal units; instead, understand what purpose each unit in a certain composition serves (synergies) as this will help you understand which units can serve as substitutes for your ideal units when you cannot find them or when they are too contested to be considered viable. Team compositions that I recommend striving towards: Warriors + Beasts (8): Doom Arbiter, Pirate Captain, Berserker, Abyssal Guard, Werewolf, Tusk Champion, Poisonous Worm, Razorclaw Units to 3*: Razorclaw, Tusk Champion, Abyssal Guard Supplemental units: Siren/Tsunami Stalker, Soul Reaper/Dark Spirit Defensive items on Doom Arbiter, Offensive items on Berserker, Magicka Crystal on Poisonous Worm Start with any 6 warriors unless you have 2* Poisonous Worm / Razorclaw Warriors + Hunters (7): Doom Arbiter, Pirate Captain, Abyssal Guard, Siren, Dwarf Sniper, Egersis Ranger, Soul Reaper Consider transitioning to 6 Hunters when Tsunami Stalker is found (level 9, -Abyssal Guard) Consider transitioning to 4 Egersis when Ghost Prophet is found (level 9) Units to 3*: Dwarf Sniper, Egersis Ranger Supplemental units: Devastator, Razorclaw, additional hunters (in preparation for 6 Hunters) Defensive items on Doom Arbiter, Offensive items on Dwarf Sniper, Magicka Crystal on Siren Shining Archer / Wind Ranger can hold Magicka Crystal before Siren Warriors + Glaciers (7): 4 Glaciers (no Frost Knight), Doom Arbiter, Pirate Captain, Soul Reaper Units to 3*: Desperate Doctor, Defector Supplemental units: Storm Shaman, Ghost Prophet Defensive items on Doom Arbiter, Offensive items on Berserker Knights + Glaciers (8): 4 Glaciers (no Berserker), Hell Knight, Lightblade Knight, Evil Knight, Soul Reaper Units to 3*: Hell Knight, Lightblade Knight, Frost Knight, Desperate Doctor, Defector Supplemental Units: Storm Shaman Defensive items on Hell Knight, Offensive items on Lightblade Knight Knights + Dragons (8): 6 Knights, Winter Chiropteran, Venom Units to 3*: Hell Knight, Lightblade Knight, Frost Knight, Winter Chiropteran Supplemental Units: Soul Reaper Defensive items on Hell Knight, Offensive items on Lightblade Knight / Dragon Knight Knights + Hunters (7): Hell Knight, Lightblade Knight, Argali Knight, Evil Knight, Siren, Dwarf Sniper, Egersis Ranger Units to 3*: Hell Knight, Lightblade Knight, Egersis Ranger, Dwarf Sniper Supplemental Units: Tsunami Stalker/Abyssal Guard, 2 Egersis, Devastator Defensive items on Hell Knight, Offensive items on Lightblade Knight, Magicka Crystal on Siren Feathered + Hunters (7): Taboo Witcher, Wisper Seer, Warpwood Sage, Shining Assassin, Wind Ranger, Shining Archer, Dwarf Sniper Consider transitioning to 6 Hunters when Tsunami Stalker is found (level 9 required, -Wisper Seer) Units to 3*: Warpwood Sage, Wisper Seer, Taboo Witcher, Dwarf Sniper Supplemental Units: Razorclaw, Marine Offensive items on Dwarf Sniper Feathered + Assassins (7): Taboo Witcher, Wisper Seer, Warpwood Sage, Wind Ranger, Shining Assassin, Shadowcrawler, Abyssalcrawler Units to 3*: Warpwood Sage, Wisper Seer, Taboo Witcher, Abyssalcrawler, Shadowcrawler Supplemental Units: Razorclaw, Marine Offensive items on Shadowcrawler Feathered + Dragons (8): Taboo Witcher, Wisper Seer, Warpwood Sage, Shining Dragon, Shining Assassin, Shadowcrawler, Venom, Dragon Knight Units to 3*: Warpwood Sage, Wisper Seer, Taboo Witcher, Shadowcrawler Supplemental Units: Razorclaw Offensive items on Dragon Knight Mages + Warriors (7): Thunder Spirit, The Source, Tortola Elder, Storm Shaman, Swordman, Werewolf, Pirate Captain Consider transitioning to 6 Mages when God of Thunder is found (level 9, -Werewolf) Units to 3*: Swordman, Thunder Spirit 2x 2* Thunder Spirit is very strong Supplemental units: Dark Spirit, Helicopter Magicka Crystal on Tortola Elder and Storm Shaman Mages + Dragons (8): Thunder Spirit, The Source, Tortola Elder, Flamming Wizard, Shining Dragon, Winter Chiropteran, Dragon Knight, Pirate Captain / God of War Supplemental units: Storm Shaman, Dark Spirit, Helicopter Magicka Crystal on Tortola Elder Do not build this composition incrementally, it is a transition composition (described later on) Team compositions I recommend staying away from (not because they are not strong, but because they are luck dependant and do not help you improve): Divinity: 2* God of War is actually a really strong early game unit, but it will bait you into picking units that allow the god synergy to stay active Difficult to transition out of if you can't find the specific units you need as most of your units don't synergize with one another Reliant on God of War 3* Reliant on finding God of Thunder 6 Goblins: Goblins are weak mid game if you are still using them, otherwise they take up gold and bench space that could be utilized for more income and more options Difficult to transition out of as goblins only synergize with each other The composition does not do very much damage without Devastator or many 3* units Vulnerable to Mages 6 Assassins: Easily countered by intelligent positioning (described later on) Reliant on 3* units Wizards Maybe I’m just old school as the original Auto Chess stopped becoming popular around the time wizards came out, but they don’t seem that great to me. In every situation, you would much rather have the actual unit that is being substituted for. There are better ways to stay strong while you transition to a final composition rather than forcing synergies prematurely with weak units. So... which composition do I go pick? Go with what the game gives you This gets said a lot, but how do you know exactly what the game is giving you? Each composition has core units, that is, units that the composition really can't function without. While still undecided, you should pick these core units, and they should be the ones that lead you to consider and commit to the compositions which they are core in. Once you commit, you really need to be committed and not think about other compositions. Here is a table of the general thought process of choosing which races/classes should be in your composition ( not mutually exclusive! ): Composition Core Unit Consider Commit (conditions include previous column) Warriors All Warriors Core Unit 2* 2x Core Unit 2* Beasts Werewolf, Tusk Champion Tusk Champion 2*, 2x Werewolf 1*, or 2x Poisonous Worm 1* 2 of the following: Tusk Champion 2*, Werewolf 2*, 2x Poisonous Worm 1* Hunters All Hunters Core Unit 2* 2x Core Unit 2* Mages Thunder Spirit 2x Thunder Spirit 1* Thunder Spirit 2* Glaciers Fortune Teller, Desperate Doctor Core Unit 2* 4 Glaciers Knights Hell Knight, Lightblade Knight Core Unit 2* Core Unit 2* and another Knight 2* Dragons Dragon Knight 2x Dragon Knight 1* Dragon Knight 2* Feathered Warpwood Sage Warpwood Sage 2* (2x Warpwood Sage 1*) Razorclaw 1* Assassins Shadowcrawler, Shining Assassin 2x Shadowcrawler 1* or Shining Assassin 1* Shadowcrawler 2* Are certain compositions better than others? The short answer is yes, but the difference is not that significant. Moreover, the earlier you commit, the better. You will have a lot more gold if you are able to sell off and ignore units which are incompatible with your chosen composition as opposed to holding on to multiple core units of different compositions. A slightly suboptimal composition funded with more economy will beat out an optimal composition with poor economy. Extra gold results in higher player levels and legendary units that can help overcome any compositional weaknesses. Transition Units Just because you know your final composition doesn't mean you should assemble that composition unit by unit. Compositions are defined by synergies which consist of groups of units. Therefore, we should look towards certain powerful standalone units to keep us healthy while we only have a part of a synergy. Example: We have 3 Feathered; adding another Feathered--while part of our final composition--will provide little improvement; we could instead use a Demon until we have 3 more Feathered to add in. Transition units are meant to be used for a few rounds and sold off once we can upgrade/fit our intended compositional units. Characteristics of transition units are high damage, impactful ability, or impactful synergy requiring few units. Transition units are also good units to use while you are still uncommitted to a composition to buy time for you collect core units. Transition Units (core units can act as transition units when committed to another composition; core units are often core because they are powerful): Demons: Fallen Witcher (+Taboo Witcher, if necessary), Doom Arbiter, Hell Knight Druids (easy to upgrade, less gold loss on selling): Unicorn, Wisper Seer, Warpwood Sage, Razorclaw Egersis Synergy: Egersis Ranger, Evil Knight, Soul Reaper Spirit Synergy: Thunder Spirit, Water Spirit Early game: Hell Knight, Ripper, Poisonous Worm 4 cost units: Doom Arbiter, Pirate Captain, Razorclaw, Soul Reaper, Shining Assassin 5 cost units Fortune Teller (if losing, to mitigate hp loss) Any unit that activates an incomplete synergy Any 2* unit Transition units are usually effective enough to use at 1*, but don't be afraid to upgrade a transition unit to 2* or even 3*. If they become powerful enough, they should actually go into your final composition; you just have to adapt to include them. It may seem wasteful to upgrade a unit with the intention of selling them later (net gold loss most of the time), but they will keep your hp higher and may even be the reason you win some rounds, so the gold 'loss' is worth it. 2. Economy Now that we know which units to buy with our gold, let's talk about how to maximize our gold income. Income is a snowballing/investment concept. In theory, the earlier you get to 10 gold, the earlier you get +1g/round, the earlier you get to 20 gold, the earlier you get +2g/round, etc. It is obvious that you want to save up to these thresholds as soon as possible. An important point to understand is how much gold you miss out on when you fail to reach one of these breakpoints. Once again, in theory, delaying reaching 10 gold by 1 round will in turn delay you reaching 20 gold by 1 round, etc. which turns into a loss of 5 gold (you get 0 interest when you could have gotten +1 for 1 round, you get +1 interest when you could have gotten +2) per turn that you wait to save up to 10 gold! Of course, in reality, what units you are offered and what you sell can help you make up for delays (or delay you even further, compounding your gold loss), but the point is that each threshold delay has significant repercussions, and you are probably not trying hard enough to reach these thresholds as you should be. Tips on selling units (early game - before round 13) Keep core units (if uncommitted to a composition) and all pairs of units (except The Source, if uncommitted) unless you are sure you won't immediately use it if it reaches 2*. Treat your board as an extension of your bench. Unless you are on a win streak (which trumps trying to get that extra +1 from income), don't get too attached to the strong units you are using. Look at your board too when you are trying to reach an income threshold. It is worth it (even if it makes your team weaker) to sell a unit you are currently using to reach an income threshold if you know it is not going to be in your final composition (e. g. goblins! ), replacing it with something that's sitting on your bench that you already paid for. Generating more gold for the future to buy units you actually want will make up for the single digit hp losses that you will suffer. Once you have multiple 2* units, don't get attached to those either! 2* units sell for 3+ gold and allow you to reach thresholds you would not be able to otherwise. Note: If you are on a win streak, you want to be fielding the strongest possible composition every round; the win streak is your income. Once committed to a composition, sell all units that can't be used in your composition. The Unicorn 'Trick' This is not just some cool gimmick; this is actually an impactful part of the game that you need to be utilizing as much as possible. Your main priority should still be gathering core units (if uncommitted) and pairs, but after that, you should be buying Unicorns (and another Druid) unless it costs you income. Try not to sell Unicorn 1*--think of it as losing 1 gold (but that is sometimes worth it to pick up a core unit/pair). If selling Unicorns can help you reach the next income threshold, obviously do it as that was going to be their future purpose anyway. Leveling vs Rolling vs Saving Short Answer: Level/Roll when you have a reason to win (not for +1g from victory) and a reasonable chance to do so if you add a unit/roll an upgrade. Level: when you have a unit to add that makes the composition significantly stronger (the unit itself is strong/activates an impactful synergy). Late game: only level to level 9 if all of your 3-cost and below units are at least 2*. Roll: when you are holding onto multiple (2+) pairs of units you are looking to use, or you simply need to stop losing hp, and you have no reason to level. Remember, you need a good reason to want to win. Unlike leveling, where your gold isn't 'wasted' (less gold needed to level again), an unsuccessful roll is actually 2 gold gone forever. Rolling now and rolling later are not equivalent in terms of reward due to higher rates of stronger units later. If you are unsure, don't roll until round 17. The worst case scenario is sacrificing gold to level/roll and still lose; unfortunately, experience and judgment are required to understand the relative strengths of different compositions just by looking at them. Tips on rolling multiple times in a turn 8 bench spaces is often not enough to keep all of your options open; use your board space to hold units while you buy more (APM required). Unless your composition is already perfect, buy all of the 4 and 5 cost units that you have any outside remote chance of using at 2*. Many of these units at 2* are strong enough to act as a strong filler unit. At the end of the buying phase, sell whatever is not going to be used. (Hard) Keep a rough estimate of how much gold value is on your bench/board that you are probably going to sell so you don't end the phase with an awkward gold amount (e. 28). Consider not rolling if finding and buying the unit you want pushes you under an income threshold. Don't roll unless you have more than 50g. This quote is really greedy and outdated. If you have to stick with a number to live by, go with 30g. Why? I don't really have good statistical proof. It's in the middle between 0 and 50 (that is an income threshold) (and you definitely don't want to go all-in prematurely), and you only lose out on 2g per round (one reroll). If you start rolling earlier, you will beat people who are trying to save. You will either build up a win streak and have just as good an economy as them along with a stronger composition or they will start rolling after you do, and they will end up at the same gold as you but with less hp. 3. Walkthrough Round 1 Tusk Champion / Egersis Ranger / God of War / Soul Breaker. Lock if there is a pair + a 3rd unit that complements the pair. Don’t pick an item Round 2 Sell your 1st unit if needed to get units that synergize with each other. Otherwise, good picks are Hell Knight / Lightblade Knight / Swordman / Ripper. Don’t pick an item Round 3 End of round: Pick items (if you are fast enough, you can wait until you see your Round 4 shop before you pick): Magicka Crystal is top priority, Frantic Mask is okay if you have Lightblade Knight, Ring of Life / Cattlehide Armor / Shield otherwise Round 4 Equip items Round 5 Don't level here unless your shop is terrible and you are really confident that you can start a win streak Round 6 This is one of the biggest and perhaps most impactful decisions you will make each game (unless you leveled on round 5). This is because this is when most people spend 5g to level. So what should you do? Winning rounds 4 and 5 does not mean you should level, nor does losing rounds 4 and 5 mean you should not level. Your decision ultimately hinges on the strength of your composition on round 6; however, this requires experience/scouting to make a judgment call. Level: if you have 2x 2* units or if you feel your team is generally strong Proceed to Walkthrough: Winning Streak Do not level: if you have no 2* units or if you feel your team is generally weak Proceed to Walkthrough: Losing Streak If at any time, you happen to upgrade a bunch of units you have been holding onto and you feel strong, switch to winning streak Losing streak walkthrough will assume your team is always weak Not sure? It is safer not level and see what units you get next round. You can always level up late and lose out on potentially 1g from losing, but you can't get that 5g back from leveling up (economy and reaching 10g is very important, remember? ). Walkthrough: Losing Streak 7 out of 8 games you will not have the strongest composition on round 6. 8 out of 8 games you can have the weakest composition if you want to. You can't control how strong you are, but you can always control how weak you are. Thus, although a full losing streak is not quite as good as a full winning streak in terms of both gold and hp, it is much more reliable to execute and is much better than having neither a winning nor losing streak. Being the weakest: Every round you need to actively scout to make sure you will lose against anyone you are matched up against. Remove units, don't use the maximum number of units you can, break synergies--whatever it takes. Ideally, you place enough units on the board to kill off some but not all units to reduce incoming damage, but that can get risky. Make 100% sure you will lose; the ~10% hp you could save will not be fatal, but accidentally winning and breaking your losing streak definitely will be. P. S. use Fortune Teller if you find one. Rounds 7-8 (all rounds assume you are still on a losing streak, otherwise see Walkthrough: Neither Winning Nor Losing) Stock up on core units and pairs while saving to 10g. If your shops are really good, you might not have 10g. Round 9 Assuming you have a losing streak, you really want to maintain it to keep it through the PvE round. Scout. Round 10 >20g, 30g ideally Rounds 11-12 Lose while saving up to 50g Round 13 Level to level 7. Yes, that's level 7, not 6. That's 25 gold spent on leveling. You should still have 20+ gold left. You can roll if you have some extra gold, but don't push your gold under 20. Reasoning: You are probably around 50% hp right now. Obviously you have to stop losing at some point. Round 13 is when your exp requirement is a multiple of 4 so it is an efficient time to level, and you wouldn't have survived losing until Round 17. If you only leveled to 6, you don't really have an advantage over most people, so there's not really a reason you would start winning. Your advantage is in gold, and now is the time to spend it. On the leaderboard, the top player with a win streak is probably at most level 7 with 30 gold--just like you. You are now set up to be at least the second strongest player in the game (first place has more hp and a win streak, and you're going to break your losing streak). That being said, you are not flipping a switch--going from instantly losing to instantly winning. Your team of 5 was probably weak, and adding 2x 1* units might not make you win. But hey, if you lose, you're still getting that +3g from your loss streak! The priority now is to protect the remainder of your hp, and adding 2 units will definitely help with that in the least. We start the process of coming back into the game on Round 13, but we don't fully expect to win right off the bat, and 40% hp is still plenty comfortable. Round 14 If you happened to lose Round 13, you might as well lose Round 14 and get +3g from both Rounds 14 and 15; scout. Otherwise, lightly roll, staying above 30g. Round 15 You need to beat this. Re-position and roll even though it's a PvE round if you have to. Experience and judgment comes through once again here whether or not you are strong enough. You can't afford to lose out on preventable hp and potential items. Round 16 Roll, stay above 30g. You are still stronger than most people as you are level 7. Rounds 17-19 Doesn't matter what start you had now. Roll, maintaining 30g/20g as you see fit. Round 21 Level to level 8. If you are healthy (30+%) or stabilizing (winning) on hp, maintain 30g/20g, otherwise roll all of your gold. Walkthrough: Winning Streak Sometimes you will have a good early start. Now we will see how to leverage that advantage into a strong finish. Core focus: Trying to maintain being the strongest. How do you do that? By spending gold--leveling and rolling more often than everyone else to maximize our chances of being the strongest. Win streak of +2: At +1, a win streak is not worth overinvesting in. At +2, you should now actively spend gold to protect it. Think about it: if you roll each round and maintain 30g and a +2 win streak, your income is the same as someone who has 50g (and probably loses to you once in a while so they don't have a significant win streak), and your team is stronger. Mindset: When you are winning, you don't need to win harder by saving up to 50g and getting 8g/round. Instead, maximize your odds of maintaining a slight edge by matching the income from 50g but having a stronger foundation to build from. The former also increases the chances you will actually lose and lose your win streak. Rounds 7-8 (all rounds assume you are still on a win streak, otherwise see Walkthrough: Neither Winning Nor Losing) Roll 1-2 times max if you are holding onto a bunch of usable pairs. Round 9 Level to level 6. You really want to maintain your streak through the PvE round. Maybe roll 1-2 times if necessary. Rounds 10-12 Roll 1-2 times max each round if necessary. Round 13 Level to level 7. Round 14 You really want to maintain your streak through the PvE round. Roll if necessary. Rounds 15-16 Light rolling if necessary. Round 17 Still winning or rich? Level to level 8. Walkthrough: Neither Winning Nor Losing Uh oh. You tried to go for a winning/losing streak but it broke. You are definitely in a bad spot. This is the time to be greedy with your gold and save up a little more than usual because you don't have any gold from streaks. Aim to reach the next interest threshold immediately - consider selling any units you are currently using if they do not fit into your final composition; It does not matter if you lose; you don’t have any kind of streak. Round 9 If you leveled on Round 6, level to level 6. You already half-committed, and going to level 6 more than triples your rate of finding 4-cost units. Otherwise, don't level and save up. Rounds 10-16 Don't roll unless you need better units to beat Round 15. Save up to 50g. Round 17 Level to level 7. Be willing to roll down to 20g to get your composition into a good place. Rounds 18-19 Maintain rolling down to 20g unless your composition is strong. Roll the rest of your gold if your team is still weak or you are low on hp. You just want to outlive 4 other people. Bonus Walkthrough: Open Fort Definition: Open fort is the extreme of maximizing economy at the cost of hp. Interest is maximized by not spending gold on units, having an empty board and an empty bench for the first several PvP rounds. Why do this? Because it's really fun, not actually bad at all when done correctly and even optimal sometimes. Open Fort vs Losing Streak Open fort is correct when you have nothing worth keeping on rounds 4 or 5 (only -2g overall if starting on round 5). Losing streak is correct when you still managed to get some 2* units or unit pairs or core units early on but aren't strong enough. Open fort gains much more gold but loses more hp than losing streak. Open fort requires you to be very decisive and have decent APM on certain rounds. use Fortune Teller if you find one (loss of 2-3g overall). Round 4 Open fort. Round 5 Buy potentially useful units. Maintain 10g. Round 6 Maintain 20g. Round 7 If you sold everything you could hit 30g. If you managed to sell a Unicorn 2*, maintain 30g (see below). Otherwise, if you are offered really good units (e. Warpwood Sage + Feathered/Unicorn), you can keep them and only lose 1g overall. Round 8 (You would normally have 39g here) Maintain 30g. Round 9 (You would normally have 49g here) Maintain 40g. Buy whatever you think can help you win Round 10 Rounds 10-12 Maintain 50g. Open fort not necessarily required. Use your board as an extended bench. Try to pick up as many core units as you can. Lose. Roll down to 30g/20g if necessary, buying as many useful/core units as you can, putting them on your board temporarily. Be open to committing to anything, although Feathered are traditional as they are easier to assemble from scratch. From here on out, you just play as if you had a losing streak. 4. Positioning Tips Have a reason for the exact square that you put your unit in. Things to consider: Is my unit quickly getting in range to attack? Is my unit dying before it can cast it's ability? If so, place 1 or 2 units beside it Is my unit casting its ability quick enough? If not, place it more forward/remove units beside it Is my unit's ability hitting enough targets? Are my units dying in the right order? Are my units attacking the same target? If not, line them up vertically (ranged) Positioning against assassins: move everything up 1 space from the bottom and put 2 front line units in the corner (the second one blocks the corner one from moving for a moment) Examples: R = Ranged, T = Tank, M = Melee M R M T M M R R M T M M R R R M T M M M R R R M M T M 5. Item Tips Don't know who to give an item to? Give it to a unit that you will 100% sell later Think about an item's combinations and whether or not you are okay with that unit having the combined item You can give items to a unit without combining them if they both belong on that unit (e. Fish Fork and Wooden Club, but you don’t want to combine them) A unit gains mana from taking damage; armor reduces damage taken and mana gained Health is better on a unit that you want to cast its ability quickly and not die before then Armor is for a unit that you just want to have survive as long as possible Mana items are a premium; if you know what your final composition is going to be, consider saving them if there will be a unit later that really needs it (you can give them to a unit you will sell) Don’t be hasty to combine items in the late game unless you are in danger of dying. Other players will die and may drop items for you 6. Miscellaneous Tips Once you are comfortable with your composition's positioning (otherwise, just watch your two armies start fighting), STOP WATCHING YOUR UNITS FIGHT (yes, I know this is really really hard) During each battle, you should open the scouting tab and take note of everyone's compositions to understand how strong you are relative to the field and whether or not you should make any compositional changes Don't hold onto pairs of goblins or 2* goblins (Ripper is ok) for too long These units are not going to be in your final composition Unless on a win streak, I would definitely look to sell them (even pairs) for income/bench space/gold for other units at Rounds 8-9 Honestly, you will probably have a better overall win rate by never picking any goblins and going for a losing streak every game than picking goblins and not having a clear final direction in the early-mid game The biggest mistake I see players (even high rank) make is being overly aggressive/rolling too much in the early game and being overly passive/not rolling enough in the mid-late game. In the early game, if you are not on a win streak, you should not be rolling -- instead, save up. In the mid-late game, it’s common that many people are stubbornly sitting at 50g, even when 2-3 losses from death. It’s too late to respond to a loss; gold should be spent preemptively to mitigate damage as there’s no guarantee that you won’t lose just because you spent all of your gold. I usually heavily prioritize economy in the early game, selling 2* units and pairs of units that you would probably think is crazy, but I know I will not use them in my final composition. If I lose twice in a row, I will sell to reach an income threshold and go on a loss streak; if my win streak breaks, I will sell to reach an income threshold because I know I cannot reliably go on a win streak. Then, on Round 17, I roll heavily, assemble my final composition faster than others, and punish greedy players or those with weak economy. 7. Game-Changing Optimizations You cannot face the same opponent 2 rounds in a row unless someone has died during the previous round This can be taken advantage of if there is only one player running Assassins / Mages Item Priorities: Magicka Crystal, Rune Hammer, Kira Axe Wait until after all of the initial PvE rounds before choosing items If you are offered 2 Magicka Crystal/Ring of Life and 1 of the other, I would say take them all and hope to make Refresher Rune Hammer -> Axe of Devil Blood, Claw Wand Kira Axe -> Cloud Halberd, Claw Wand Sniper: Dwarf Racial If against Sniper, you want your low hp units to be diagonally across from him (as far away as possible). His range is long but doesn’t cover the entire board. Likewise, if you are using Sniper, you want to position vertically across from the enemy low hp units Get very familiar with positioning against assassins 8. When your composition is contested / Transitioning [Advanced] This is not an essential skill. Of everything that this guide has covered, this is the most difficult and least impactful concept to master. This is because transitioning is essentially playing the odds; even if your composition is heavily contested by others, you can still get lucky and find all of the units you want; transitioning does not guarantee you a better outcome. Nevertheless, it will definitely still boost your overall win rate if done properly. I would consider my composition as contested if there are 2 stronger (I don’t mean HP, but rather composition strength/progress, and economy / streaks) players than me. At this point, I have more distance to make up with potentially less resources in order to match their strength. It is very likely that they will level up before me and have more money to roll to find all of the compositional units first. If there are weaker players contesting my composition, I also have to assess how likely that they will die in the near future and release their units back into the pool and whether or not I will be healthy enough to take advantage of that at that point. If you are the strongest player running a contested composition, you have no reason to transition. You may, however, be incentivized to roll slightly more aggressively to find your key units first if you haven’t found them yet. After that, you may want to focus on saving up your economy and leveling up instead of going for 3* units, waiting until your competitors die and your units are available again. If your composition is contested (you are weak), you can consider transitioning. The key to transitioning is advanced preparation. From your routine scouting (around Round 13), you should have an idea of if your composition is going to be contested. If so, you should start picking up core units for the composition you plan to transition to. You can either try to salvage part of your current composition (e. Knights + Glaciers -> Warriors + Glaciers), or transition to Mages. Mages are a common mid-game transition; they are often uncontested because the key units (Thunder Spirit, Tortola Elder) are just starting to become readily available at this point (unit rates from player level), and those already invested and uncontested in another composition don’t have much of a reason to switch. Anyone who tries to build Mages right from the start (forcing) will most likely take massive damage or have poor economy. Since transitioning to Mages is such a drastic change, you need a strong economy and be willing to use the entirety of it to get to a stable state. Mage compositions are very volatile in that you need just enough burst damage to kill everything. An unsuccessful transition leaves the enemy team barely alive whereas a successful transition will take you on a win streak. Transitions should be finalized by Round 17 to avoid taking large amounts of damage. 9. Reflections on my climb My most frequent composition by an enormous margin was Warriors + Beasts, and my second most frequent composition by another large margin was Warriors + Hunters. If you follow my guide / philosophy of picking various core units early instead of goblins, you too may find that Warriors is the most likely outcome. There are 6 warriors which are 3-cost and below, and 6 warriors on Round 9 is extremely strong. Warriors + Beasts has a power spike on 6 units with 6 warriors, a spike on 7 units with Poisonous Worm, a spike on 8 units with 4 Beasts, and a spike on 9 units with Marine / Warlock. It is extremely strong and punishing (due to the summons) early to mid game when everyone is trying to build up their economy. Warriors are strong against assassins, and Poisonous Worm summons are immune to magic damage. It puts enormous pressure on people trying to force certain compositions prematurely without properly transitioning, and keeps up the pressure until the very late game when it cannot match a 3* carry with one of its own. Doom Arbiter MVP. 10. Thank you so much for reading! Please ask any further questions below. Feel free to ask about Duo mode (Rook-1, 72 games/72% win rate despite solo/bots/leavers), but I did not know if there was enough interest for me to write a section on the nuances of Duo mode that can be taken advantage of; anything that works for classic works for Duo as well. I know this is a lot of information to process, so if anyone is interested in getting any games reviewed, please send them to me!

A parede free watch 2017. Hi everyone, I’m Mitthrawn. I hit legend today with an Embiggen Druid deck, and I thought I’d give you guys a guide in case you wanted to try it yourself. If nothing else, check out my win rate versus Priest- this deck absolutely eats Rez Priest. Overall Strategy Embiggen Druid is a midrange deck that seeks to cheat out giant minions with Embiggen and Strength in Numbers, then win the board with rush and divine shield minions like Oasis Surger, Zilliax and Evasive Wyrm, before bringing out tons of Beefy value taunts like Winged Guardian and Emerald Explorer to close the game out. It does really well against Priest and Rogue, two classes that dominate the meta, so it’s a good ladder climbing deck right now. Decklist and Proof ### Embiggen Druid # Class: Druid # Format: Standard # Year of the Dragon # # 2x (0) Embiggen # 2x (1) Strength in Numbers # 2x (2) Rising Winds # 1x (2) Injured Tol'vir # 2x (2) Faerie Dragon # 2x (2) Breath of Dreams # 1x (3) Witching Hour # 1x (3) SN1P-SN4P # 2x (4) Swipe # 1x (4) Frizz Kindleroost # 1x (4) Evasive Feywing # 1x (4) Archmage Vargoth # 1x (5) Zilliax # 2x (5) Oasis Surger # 1x (5) Leeroy Jenkins # 2x (5) Big Ol' Whelp # 2x (6) Evasive Wyrm # 2x (6) Emerald Explorer # 2x (7) Winged Guardian # AAECAZICCK8EjfACoIAD1pkD0qUDiLAD/7ADn7cDC0DhBNmpA/utA/2tA4yuA96vA+ewA4WxA/m1A/+1AwA= # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone Cards I used Embiggen: The MVP of the deck- always mulligan for it, and unless you are against hunter, hard mulligan (along with Strength in Numbers) for it. Your win rate is much higher with it. Strength in Numbers: Another amazing card. Presents a huge tempo swing turns 4-6, when you complete it. This is usually when you take control of the board and start swinging face. Very important card. Breath of Dreams: Great card, card draw and ramp in one. One note: Don’t keep a dragon activator if you’re mulliganing with this. This deck runs so many dragons, you will find another activator. The only time I would keep this and a dragon would be if you also have Embiggen in your opening hand. Leeroy: My personal MVP. I put him in after a really frustrating game against a Holy Wrath Paladin, where I just couldn’t get there. Simply put, he’s burst, and lots of opponents can’t deal with the 6-10 damage he’ll provide. I’d often package him with swipe for a 10-12 damage close out, especially against priest, they rarely expect it. Must include. Archmage Vargoth: The archmage may seem like a weird include in a minion deck, but he does work. The two Ferocious Howls mean when you need some armor fast, he can double up on your armor and your card draw. The dream is to have a Winged Guardian die and then play him and Witching Hour, for two brand new Winged Guardians. A lot of times, it exhausts the opponent's resources. Swipe is another great target for the archmage, as it essentially becomes a targeted 5 damage spell with Consecrate. And I have even used him with Embiggen, to double up my initial Embiggen to get bigger stuff faster. All in all, a solid card for the deck. Ferocious Howl: This card was the one I didn’t see a lot in other druid lists, so I want to explain it. Early on I had Crystal Merchant as well, and the idea for both is you want to cycle as much as possible, to find those Embiggens, because they are so important to winning the mirror, which dominated much of my climb. I ended up taking the Merchants out (for a second Evasive Wyrm and an Injured Tol’vir) but the idea for Ferocious Howl is still the same- it’s cycling, it’s card draw and it’s life gain. Add the synergy with Archmage Vargoth and I think it’s a solid addition. Edit: Ignore this part, Rising Winds is better than Ferocious Howl. Witching Hour: It’s a free Winged Guardian for 3 mana. Didn’t include 2 because it’s strictly a late game card and two in your opening hand feelsbadman. I njured Tol’vir: I played much better against Hunter after I put him in. This deck struggles a little against fast, aggressive decks (Face Hunter, Galakrond Zoo) and Tol’vir- with or without added stats- does well to slow them down and contest the early board. If you’re running into a lot of zoo/hunter, I might take out the Witching Hour to put in a second Tol’vir. Strictly a meta decision. Cards I Didn’t Use: The beast package (Witchwood Grizzly, Predatory Instincts, sometimes a singleton Amani War Bear or Oondasta). This felt too slow for me, and while it’s great to get even bigger health taunts, what you’re sacrificing it for (Embiggen, Oasis Surger) feels worse. You are less able to contest boards early and sometimes, as crazy as it sounds, it doesn’t matter that you have a 3/24. Crystal Merchant: Had this in my deck early in my run for card draw, but I think Injured Tol’vir is better in most cases. A 2/3 with taunt trades way better than a 1/4, especially against Warlock and Hunter. And the Tol’vir is better with Embiggen, making him a better late game play as well. Wild Growth: Don’t need with Breath of Dreams. Frizz Kindleroost provides kind of the same thing but better(because we run 9 dragons), with a 5/4 body. Win Rates and Class Matchups Overall I went 52-32 with this deck, for a 62% win rate. Druid 18-11 Played against Treant Druid 5 times. The rest were Embiggen Druid. Treant Druid is like Galakrond Zoolock, keep their minions off the board. Win the board to win the game. Sometimes you have to race, but usually you win by keeping their board small and hitting face once you are two turns from lethal. The mirror match is all about that Embiggen. Whoever gets one has a large advantage. Your stuff will be bigger and the opponent will fall further and further behind. Be careful though, two is sometimes a detriment, as there is an awkward 2-3 turns where you don’t have much to play before your big stuff comes online. Embiggen, Breath and the quest are the essential cards in the mirror. Whoever draws more of them will probably win. Rogue 12-6 This deck is favored against rogue. There are two main flavors of rogue right now, Galakrond Rogue and Highlander Rogue. You can treat them both the same. Both really want a lackey on board on turn five to turn into a big turn 6 Heistbaron into Wand play. Rogue has two problems with this deck: it doesn’t contest the board in the first couple turns, when we are getting online, and it has trouble breaking through those giant taunts by turn 6-7. Always pressure Rogue, win the board, clear their lackeys and then even when they lackey + Heistbaron or Galakrond on 7, they will be so far behind on tempo and life it shouldn’t matter. Priest 8-2 This deck is 8-1 against Rez Priest, and 0-1 against Combo Priest (I love the guy who played Combo Priest, even though I lost that game, I added him after just to say, thank you for not playing Rez Priest). So all of the Rez Priest games go much the same. Play Embiggen, Strength and Breath if you can. Put out minions as you can. By turn 4-5, start attacking his face. The key to this matchup is Oasis Surger. On turn 5-6, he will put out a Convincing Infiltrator. Every time, just expect it. Put out your double Oasis Surger, then attack it. Even without Embiggen, they will take it out on their own, and they give two more targets for the deathrattle. Hit him with the other minions you have. Keep playing big stuff. The issue for priests is that often they can’t deal with something like ten damage a turn before turn 9, which is their big clean-up turn. Keep hitting his face, then close out with Leeroy and/or Swipe for the win. Hunter 5-5 I faced 3 Quest, 1 Highlander and 6 Face Hunters. Hunter is a tough matchup. Quest is actually better than Face Hunter. Always hold Swipe, Faerie Dragon and Injured Tol’vir against Hunter. Swipe absolutely decimates Quest Hunter. Watch out for the Scavenging Hyena + Swarm of Locusts play, Quest Hunter loves it. For Face Hunter, get out your taunts quickly, and don’t be too precious about value. Remember too, you need to race Face Hunter. Don’t worry about clearing everything on their board, they will draw enough to kill you. Make them worry about you killing them first. An even matchup. Mage 4-1 All Dragon Highlander Mages. It’s a fun deck, but it’s kind of unfocused, and it wants to win around turns 8-11. Usually we can get there faster. It also doesn’t have a lot of good ways of dealing with our large minions, especially because so many of them are untargetable. Play your normal game and you’ll probably win. Favored. Warlock 1-3 All Galakrond Zoo. We have a tough time dealing with their early boards and a Grim Rally at the wrong moment means we really can’t do much. As much as you can, contest the board early. Winning this matchup is entirely board dependent, like Treant Druid. Often I’d put a 6/8 into a 3/3, just to make sure they didn’t have a lot of Grim Rally/Invocation targets. If I saw this deck more, I’d probably put a second Injured Tol’vir in. Unfavored. Shaman 2-1 All Battlecry Quest Shaman (weirdly, right? ). They don’t do much early as they are completing their quest and all their 1/1 lackeys mean great swipe targets. In general, we get under them, they want to go off turn 8-10 with big Galakrond and Lifedrinker turns and by that time we are hitting face for 15-20. Paladin 1-2 All Holy Wrath Paladin. I do not enjoy playing against this deck. This deck is like Combo Freeze Mage. They will try to stop your aggression with Time Out, Equality + Wild Pyromancer, and Crystalsmith Kangor. Just remember, they have inevitability. They will put a Shirvallah into their empty deck with Baleful Banker and then do 25 damage to your face with Holy Wrath, so you have to be aggressive, make them use their Time Outs early and hit their face before they get there. Warrior 1-1 1 Pirate Warrior, 1 Hyper Aggro Pirate Warrior. If you get your taunts up you’ll win, if not you’ll lose. Let me know if there are any questions you have, I’ll try to answer them. Thanks for reading! EDIT: I've been playing around this morning with the new Druid card Rising Winds. It's IMO strictly better than Ferocious Howl, as it addresses both the aggro game with a minion on turn two as well as providing card draw when needed. The fact that it's a twinspell makes it even sweeter. The decklist has been updated. Thanks!

A parede free watch free.


A parede free watch 2016. A Parede Free watchers.


A parede free watch youtube. A Parede Free watch online. Prologue Delivery 10 Delicious! The Genius Patisserie and the Dangerous Sweetness Another 10 deliveries means another adventure. Mash: Let’s see. So once again, why is Mrs. Beauty traveling alongside Master and CEO’s delivery group? Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty: As we’re in jointly operating, unfit workers would be a matter of life-and-death for my company. If I assist them directly, there will be no issues. Amazoness CEO: We’ve managed fine until now, yet this will likely allow us to surpass difficult issues that may arise. We took in Chaldea for times like those, but I thought it would be good for Mrs. Egyptian to be here as well. Apologies for relying on you like this. But by the way, something’s been bothering me. I wish to ask another question to you: how did you know of our situation? Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty: I utilized the aid of my company’s superb intelligence network to --- well, I’m repeating myself, so I’d like to compliment what I said. You may not believe it, but just a little while ago, a rumor was circulating through the entire business world. About the present state of Fou: Fou? [How all the workers vanished? ] / [How the CEO was alone? ] Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty: Indeed. After that, I acted at the chance to know what truth there was to be had in that claim. Amazoness CEO: Hmph. That’s strange. It’s a big problem that they all vanished, but it’s well known that if you can find openings in this world, they’re taken as-is. Of course, I hadn’t discussed this matter with anyone else. Even though it was a problem, I didn’t lodge a report with the Galaxy police for it to become a recent rumor. Mash: So whoever’s involved with this incident was intent on spreading the information…but for what purpose? Da Vinci: Let’s keep thinking on it. I mean, that is our end goal here. Amazoness CEO: Perhaps…they were someone who has a disdain for, and wanted to stir up trouble. The rapid growth of my company has led to many enemies. That’s certainly a potential to keep in mind. Like how Beauty thought, it’d be nothing but a blessing for me to be dead--- A company takeover wouldn’t be off the table either. As we expect more deliveries from hereon, the culprit could be thoroughly devising traps to ensure us in. Be on your guard, [Guda]! We move forward with our delivery, winding up in a town made entirely of sweets. Amazoness CEO: Our next delivery is here. To a customer named “Sweet Witch”. I believe their shop is a single building… A door slams open!??? : (Medea Lily) Oh, there you are! Finally! You’re, right! Amazoness CEO: Indeed. Are you Ms. Sweet Witch? Please, just sign right here--- Sweet Witch: Sign? You want me to sign? Are you that shameless? You didn’t make it in time! Amazoness CEO: We…didn’t make it? Sweet Witch: I mean as I say. I was relying on you to bring those pancake ingredients to my shop. And your delivery was so late that we ran out of stock entirely! I was even more careful about this than any other day, since today’s extra special…! Amazoness CEO: I-I’m terribly sorry. Please, wait a moment. Here, the sales slip… Sweet Witch: This store, “Lily-can’s Wonderland”, is a locally based pancake shop. Until now, reliably and in minute-detail, we’ve gained the trust of everyone here. With that prestige, we were entrusted to have “A birthday celebration for all the kids in the orphanage” today… Now miss cat-ears will be make a dejected face…I’ll have to sincerely apologize… Once a week, someone in several light-years near me won’t be able to eat my pancakes, and turn into a pig. The Fancy Fantasy curse will still be dispersed, but without a way to dispel the grief… Osakabehime: Are you saying that kind of terror is commonplace? Sweet Witch: It’s how we show our love. Osakabehime: Love… love…??? Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty: That might be against the Galaxy Unfair Competition Prevention Act! (Shine! ) Sweet Witch: Dispelling grief is cute! Anyways, why didn’t you get here sooner!? Amazoness CEO: …Huh? We didn’t exceed the delivery date. Sweet Witch: Wha-, it should have…!? Amazoness CEO: No, to be precise, we are only over the scheduled delivery time. However, according to the prior-mail we received, this should already be understood. Sweet Witch: Please, don’t give me that. I don’t remember sending any mail like that! Amazoness CEO: Let me check. Erm… Yes, in regards to the potentially late shipping of our items, I dispatched an e-mail with an apology, and asked if you minded. To which you replied, “That’s no problem, anytime’s cool! ” In other words, I hypothesized that this was within said delivery limits. We are not late! Sweet Witch: I-I never replied to that! Osakabehime: Hmhmm. There really is a reply, but it doesn’t sound like Sweet Witch… Amazoness CEO: Hmm. In regards to this current matter; while unfortunately being due to a communication error and causing an inevitably weighted issue, there is something I can say about this unfortunate happenstance… I highly recommend for you to get our Premium Plan. This subscription is offered at a small monthly fee, and because it was created with an intention for user friendliness, next-day delivery is an option, or potentially same-day shipping dependent on the area--- [That’s the indomitable, merchant’s spirit of our amazing CEO! ] Fou: Fou… Sweet Witch: I-I had no idea that was a thing, so I didn’t know to pick it! Please don’t tell me about something I have no clue about! Since it’s come to this…! Sweet Witch quickly moves over and signs, regardless. Amazoness CEO: A quick acceptance and signature. Just what I hope for from a customer. However, as we can’t validate the contents in this confusion, we are not liable for a mis-delivery--- Sweet Witch: Take this, and this, and this, and this! With a cute wave of her wand, Sweet Witch summons a monstrous demon-pillar pancake! Mash: This is bad, Senpai! I’m picking up some sort of threat bursting through the shop! [It’s giving off a really good smell though] / [Is that…a pan…cake…? Uuugh, my head…] Amazoness CEO: Well now… Sweet Witch: I missed out on the chance for them, but these are my number one best-selling pancakes! You’ll be purchasing all of them! But you’ll be fine, since it tastes as good as it smells! Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty: Oh my. I figured you were a complainer, but from a business perspective, you’ve got guts. Amazoness CEO: However, I am a battle hardened CEO. The rules of high pressure, counter sales battles are naturally something I’ve mastered. If you don’t know the saying, let me tell it to you. “When a CEO sells things, the recipient gets power through the stock prices of the CEO! ” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- You fight back the Sweet Witch, and a pancake-demon pillar she spawned. Sweet Witch: Sniff …it was a difference in capital strength… I still wasn’t able to see everyone’s smiles… My pancakes entwined their hopes and dreams, no, they wished to be immersed in them… …They would’ve feasted outside my shop like sweet piggies… Osakabehime: Pig…pigs…um, Sweet Witch-san? **Sweet Witch:**Yes, what is it? Osakabehime: Is your place, maybe, under joint management? Sweet Witch: Yes, of course. The Dragon Tooth Soldiers being in charge of sales isn’t enough. My aunt, Ms. Kykeon, is always helping out, and--- ……….??? : (Circe) I’m baaack! Whew, the neighborhood piggies were popular, and a handful, again today. But it was nothing to me, because I’m Doc Kykeon! The genius Caster of this century who discovered Kykeon particles! Oh, what’s all this? Sweet Witch: Auntie. You didn’t reply to mail sent to my address on your own, did you? Doc Kykeon: You don’t have to keep calling me Auntie! Call me big sis Kykeon instead! But well, now that you mention it, Sweet Witch. When I heard the ingredients would be late, I became angry with rage… But the Amazoness company apologized by giving me this apology set! So I instantly thanked them in your email at once. Amazoness CEO: Incidentally, our Amazoness apology set includes additional Tapioca and Konjac jelly balls. And because of its wonderful volume to compression ratios, it gets delivered one step ahead of the rest through Galaxy Letter Packaging. Sweet Witch: That means the culprit is Auntie! Weren’t you worried about the pancake ingredients? Doc Kykeon: W-what!? **Sweet Witch:**DON’T EVEN ARGUE! With another cute wave of her wand, Lily blasts Circe with a magic star. Doc Kykeon: Hey! I still have some Konjac left over, y’know! All the tapioca got turned into Kykeon and eaten though! How about some konjac milk tea!? Sweet Witch: Aaah, jeez! Auntie, you’re so dumb---! Amazoness CEO: ………. **Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty:**What’s the matter? Amazoness CEO: THAT’S THE SPIRIT! [Huh!?? ] **Sweet Witch:**W-what? Amazoness CEO: The strength to make ideas to try and change tight situations is the same as the strength to stay light on your feet. What’s more, your pancakes taste better than anything. And I say that as someone who thinks sweets are idiotic, and throws them out with a grumble. Sweet Witch: You really like them? Ehehe…thanks. Amazoness CEO: This erratic energy comes at a high nutritional price. And these outstanding goods are located in a sole remote shop, covered in an air of importance. What I’m getting at, is that I want to make you a proposal. Would you like to offer your company’s pancakes through With my company as an outlet, you could surely sell them throughout the galaxy. Watched closely as a guard dog. Sweet Witch: Oh…but… Amazoness CEO: Don’t worry about the “best sold by” date. With my company’s speedy delivery service, they can be transported anywhere in the galaxy within that timeframe. Sweet Witch: …I’m a little lost on such a hard offer…you said I’m good in tight situations, right? I think it’s good, and we were just fighting about an agreement on goods. Maybe I should follow this example to be in merchant sales… Amazoness CEO: Justifiable. For that’s why I am a CEO! After all. Doc Kykeon: Oho. May I get in on this too? [It’d be better for you to run inside, Doc Kykeon] Doc Kykeon: R-really? …We-well, do you wanna at least fly around with me? Definitely no? Oh. Okay. I’ll be okay…I’m a woman born to research Kykeon particles and help at the pancake shop…! Osakabehime: (…Somehow, she and I have the same scent around us…) Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty: I’ll take care of forming the contracts. As a neutral party, I’ll put together a bea-u-ti-ful contract! Amazoness CEO: You…what…did you say…? **Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty:**Wait, please stop clutching your iron balls like that! We’re abruptly changing the flow of this conversation by too much! Is there really no exception to that word around you!? [On a situation-basis, no] / [The word itself is what’s dangerous] Mrs. Cosmotic Beauty: What a pain. I have an inclination to mention that, as my goal is to spread that throughout the galaxy. But I digress. I’ll use a different choice of words from now on. Anyways…yes, allow me to make a contract high in BT (Beauty) points. Sweet Witch: You will? I’ll count on you then. We’re one step closer to our full galaxy piggy plan. Amazoness CEO: …Hm? That’s a strange point for our contract, and an objective I’m not too sure about, but it doesn’t matter so long as we have a consensus. Ah, by the way. Do those pancakes provide a special type of nourishment? If they do, then I hope you don’t mind if I place an order myself after this. If I were to give them wholesale in our relaxation areas, then I believe our workers could replenish themselves. **Sweet Witch:**Of course they do, just leave the order to me. I’ll prepare more helpings in no time flat. [The Relaxation facilities get another dining area…] / [So long as the pancakes don’t get violent…] Fou: Fou… ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ Meanwhile ~ In the Relaxation area… Medb: …Well well. Isn’t this a surprise! My skin’s so slick and smooth…my body’s was already perfect and high-class, but I feel like it’s gained another rank with this stuff! I’d never seen these beauty supplies before, and the detail pamphlet just says “Artorium seeps into your skin, and actives in minuscule amounts…” I don’t get the boring stuff, so what matters is that it’s made me gorgeous. Oh, c’mon, you gotta try it too! Especially since it’s free, and we have nothing to lose! Scathach-Skadi: No, I… Medb: I’ve long awaited another salon. I recommend we all use it. It’s an obligation, a duty. I decided that good men can ride in my chariot with me, so it shouldn’t be that far-fetched to have them carry my luggage too. Master’s trusting us, so there’s no helping this situation, but the compensation isn’t enough. But now I should say that giving this to us is. It’s the duty of the beautiful to become even more beautiful. Scathach-Skadi: Regardless of how you may think about it, I am not very interested in it. It is pointless to me… Medb: Pointless? Pointless!? That’s no good, Scathach! Don’t you get it? You just don’t know yourself enough! It’s good that we can see that there’s a gap between us with that statement, but saying stuff like that is exactly why you should think about it more! Like, being that way is no good! It pisses me off! Scathach-Skadi: Calm down. I do not care what you have to say about it. Ice cream is more important to me than that… Medb: If you want ice cream, then I’ll go and buy some for you! It’ll be after our trip to the salon. C’mon, c’mon! Medb attempts to drag Skadi over to the salon… Boudica: You don’t have to force her to do that. Don’t you know that people think differently? Medb: Mgrr. Tomoe Gozen: She’s right, Medb-dono. A woman’s talented at dancing gracefully with a fan, and also be well versed riding horseback in full armor. Medb: Mggrrrrrr. Lakshimi: Whew…not riding on horseback for so long has been extremely exhausting for me. Yet, this feeling of fatigue is pleasant. Horseback riding is just as fun as I remember. Qin Liangyu: My sentiments exactly. Having a clear mind in a wide open field and having a full view of the horizon is such a great feeling. Riding horseback makes you hungry though. How about we have some meat-manju and fill our stomachs… Medb: Mgggrrrrrrr---! Alright, I know what to do! I’ll take the chance and bring all of you in with me. All of you get ready, because I’m going to cram 1~10 treatments into all of you! Lakshimi: W-what? You’re all riled up. Medb: I’ve thought about this for a long time, but all of you have cast away way too much from being widowers--- You go, “After already having a husband, it’s fine not to care about beauty”, and fawn on the situation you’ve perceived. To be honest, it’s really bothered me. During our spare time, I think we should really immerse ourselves in the salon, and follow the example of how Kiyohime and Tamamo covet beauty. Like how they say, “Fufu, now Master will lose to me and die…”. It’d be good to imitate their creepy meows too. And also, after coming home after a noisy chariot or horseback ride, what’d you say you’d do first, have some meat-manju? We’re not kids anymore. Looks before food. And be a bit more feminine…ugh, come on! Your hair’s filled with dust clouds! Boudica! Tomoe! Into the bath with everyone. I’ll need some aromatherapy for the salon too… Alright, I’ve got this: I’ll act as teacher alongside everyone. We’ll start from scratch, and talk about skin care. Lakshimi: Actually, we’re not really keen on any of that, aside from taking baths. Qin Liangyu: Yeah. I don’t really care about the kind of effects that place will have. Medb: It’s because you’re soldier types. How about this? The beauty of a woman’s body is also a weapon. And since it’s a weapon, you have to maintain it. You’re all well versed in using swords, aren’t you? Am I wrong in saying you regularly sharpen them? Maintain this weapon as you do the others! A literal bolt of elucidation strikes Lakshimi and Liangyu! **Both of them:**OH!! Lakshimi: I feel like…there was some wisdom in what she said… **Qin Liangyu:**Yes, we’ve lost…through vigor… Tomoe Gozen: My heart only reverberates at your words! To be blunt, I had not had a single substantial clue on what this salon thing was about, but from the emotions transmitted from the depths of Medb-dono’s heart, now I understand! I have come to acknowledge that this one in front of me is a gallant warrior. Let us depart together! Boudica: Alright then. Instead of going to the salon with you, I think I’ll go take a bath though. Scathach-Skadi: In for a penny, in for a pound then?.. don’t forget that you’d get ice cream for me later… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ko-fi

A Parede Free watch blog. The best word to describe this film is "pretentious. That means that it is giving itself airs, claiming to say something important that we lesser mortals have not yet appreciated, and, in so doing, boring us to bits. (POSSIBILITY OF SPOILERS) I understood the film in the following way: the invisible wall is just a way of telling us that the woman had made the decision to cut herself off from the rest of humankind so that whenever she seemed to be wanting to approach someone her inner fear sprang up to restrain her. She has chosen to live alone, having marked out a large swathe of beautiful barely inhabited highland country wherein to live and have her being. She doesn't want to die. Even though she is intensely depressive, and very boring to watch and listen to her low-pitched whine, she gets to know the local animals and is pretty good at keeping herself alive. She bonds with a dog. She apparently has some isolationist experiences which may be valuable for her mental state, though they sound weird or trite to the ordinary viewer. But everything she offers is manna from heaven for art-house patrons and the superior sort of film critic, who would probably quite enjoy watching paint dry. This is similar to that, but it is better in that the countryside and the photography are lovely and worse than that in that there is the additional element of the miserably depressed woman. The couple who bring her to her cottage play ghastly pop music very loudly in their car, presumably a ham-fisted way of telling us, perhaps through her perception, how boorish they (or all other humans) are. Whether we see it as catharsis or denouement or, as I do, merely as confirmation of her hatred of mankind, we see in the final moments of the film that the one human who somehow manages to penetrate the wall is cruel and vicious and the woman, whose hatred of mankind may be seen as being responsible for creating this figure in her world, expresses that hatred and takes her revenge by being extremely nasty to him. End of story. Yawn yawn.

A parede free watch movie. It was a little hard to process the complicated mess that Milo and Lewis laid out before us in that candy shop. I mean, as a reader it would be hard enough to follow, but try being in my shoes--er, paws. I was the one who had to absorb all of that word vomit. Quick recap: the Tree of Life is asleep, I'm trapped in one of its dreams, my body is dead, the Jabberwocky is in my head, and Brer Fox and Baloo are my imaginary friends. You got all that? No? Neither do I. Milo and Lewis were ushering us up the road from Zuri's Sweets shop, through one of the bamboo forest areas. Lewis was walking with confidence; shoulders wide, arms swinging, feet marching with childlike excitement. He never was one for caution in his movie. Milo, by contrast, was hunched over; one arm wrapped around himself, the other clinging to his hair, glancing back and forth like he expected to see someone tailing us--or worse, jumping out to attack us. It wasn't like we could see anything in this fog. There was the occasional silhouette that might be someone walking past in the distance, but it was impossible to tell. Here, in the bamboo forest, the mist clung to the trees like a hankie stabbed over some toothpicks. It just went up and up into the greenery, only pierced by crawling shoots and the odd creaking whisper. I wondered if the dreams that were further up in the "Branches, " as Milo had called it--the good dreams--had fog like this. After all, Lewis's little marker-drawn picture of the Sleeping Tree showed us being at the top of the "Roots, " i. e. the bad dreams. But, 'm just kind of pretending to understand something I don't get at all. Brer Fox and Baloo were standing close by either side of me, which I appreciated, now that I was a literal scaredy-cat. (I really wish I'd known about my stupid Make Things Real abilities before I'd mutated myself willy-nilly. ) Baloo was keeping a close eye on me, nudging his paws at my back if I slowed and steadying my shoulder if I stumbled over those stupid Stitch-feet. I guess without Mowgli around, he was kind of desperate for a kid to parent over. The little idiot who dreamed him up is the next best thing, right? I don't think either of us really got how that worked, but I still appreciated having a gigantic bear on my side, even if he was babying me a bit. He was taller than the Big Bad Wolf that killed, or I guess, "captured, " my boss. I was hoping we wouldn't run into the Wolf again, but the Jabberwocky's barely audible giggling in my head wasn't reassuring on that front, so at least I had a great, big, Papa Bear willing to help me out. Brer Fox, on the other hand, was ignoring me. Or at least, avoiding eye contact. I was pretty sure he wasn't upset with me, since we'd sort-of-kind-of made up about not finding Brer Bear. But, it didn't sound like Brer Bear was even here at all, at least not in this dream, and so all Brer Fox had was me. Finding out I'd made him up was a weird revelation for both of us. The Brer Fox from the cartoon wasn't really endeared to anyone, but as I'd concluded before, this wasn't the Brer Fox from the cartoon. He was someone entirely different, and I don't think even he quite knew what that meant yet. We certainly didn't know what to say to each other about it. Hopefully this uncomfortable state would fade over time, because both of us were too socially inept to fix it any faster. The bandages on my feet caught caught on yet another rock, and I tripped for what had to have been the fiftieth time. Yet again, Baloo caught me by the shoulder. "You gotta be more careful, kit. " I got another flashback to Tailspin and felt strangely guilty. After all, I was indirectly responsible for this bear walking around without his cubs. I grit my teeth, felt my head protest, and loosened my jaw. "Thanks, " I mumbled, reaching up to pat his arm. He wasn't looking at me, instead frowning at the bamboo with a furrowed brow. It could have been the man-made influence of the flora bothering him, but I was pretty sure it was the fog. The fog dripped from the trees like water and swirled around our feet in a pale, white lake. It made my cat tail shiver in the wet humidity, and a glance at my companions showed that their fur was spiking up the same way. Florida was humid enough as it was, but this wasn't Florida. It was a dream. And the fog was cold. The whispers in the fog lingered in my mind and gave me brain-freeze. There was another sharp giggle, and I twitched, gripping my wand tighter and holding it to my chest. The cold quieted a little. Brer Fox glanced at me, glanced at the wand, and stepped a little closer, but still said nothing. "Here we are! " Lewis announced up ahead. Milo shushed him admonishingly, and the two glared at each other. I bit back a groan, hoping they weren't about to argue again. I felt Brer Fox tense beside me. The fog was still too thick to make out our surroundings. I knew we were north of Zuri's, but I didn't know if we were closer to the hiking trail or the train. There was a tallish fixture standing in the mist, but it was hard to tell if it was a sign or a piece of decoration. Further past the fixture, I could make out a faint, yellow glow hidden by thick, tropical trees. Instead of spreading in the fog, the cloud seemed to swallow the light up. Luckily, Mr. Paternal Instinct on my other side spoke up. "Where is here? " The human toons stopped glaring and turned back to us, and I sighed with relief. For a guy who argued with Bagheera so much, Baloo was still pretty good at mediating. "Rafiki's Planet Watch, " Milo answered far more softly. Ah, so the fixture would be the sign, then. "We have a contact on the other end who's been trying to get information on the Jabberwocky. She can help you figure out how to get rid of his influence. " "How much longer we gotta follow you t'get there? " Brer Fox was trying to sound gruff and snappy, I could tell, but his voice came out more tired than angry. I had to relate; a safe place to nap would be fantastic right about now. "Oh, don't worry, you won't. " Lewis jerked his thumb in the direction of the faint yellow glow. "You're on your own from here, we can't go with you. " "What? " I gasped in dismay. I'd just started getting used to the idea of having guides, even if I couldn't always understand them. Milo threw out his hands in frustration. "Lewis, your bedside manner is the worst. It's just the worst. You know that? Have I mentioned that? It's the worst. " Lewis shrugged, looking helpless. "Sorry. I can take classes in science, but not in comforting people. " I felt my urge to hit him, which I thought I left at the candy shop, rise up again. "Useless li'l brat, " Brer Fox growled under his breath, and I huffed with him. We both crossed our arms, the motion making our arms bump, and we had to uncross and recross a couple of times to get our elbows to overlap without getting tangled. Baloo rolled his eyes at us and stepped forward so he wouldn't have to look at our pouting. "Why can't you go with us? " he asked, like a reasonable adult. "We don't know our way around here. " I did, but I wasn't about to say that; this wasn't the park I was starting my secretary job in this morning. "How are we gonna find this person so they can help us? We'll get lost. " A frigid breeze blew by, and I shivered, blowing a frosted puff of breath. Brer Fox didn't glance at me this time, but did push a little harder into my side. The wand was a little, warm beacon between us. Milo shook his head apologetically. "Yzma is expecting us to make progress on reopening the door. We have to at least look like we're doing something, or she'll get suspicious. " "W-what about. " I swallowed, forcing down the next shiver and tensing my jaw until it hurt just to keep it from chattering. "What about the Jabberwocky? He's in my head. He's heard everything you said. " Milo grimaced, and Lewis didn't look comfortable, but they didn't back down. "It will be less suspicious if we're with the others, when and if the Jabberwocky is able to get the news out, than if we're missing. " "Keep your wand out, " Lewis advised. "It will help. Just, don't keep it too bright. " My companions and I looked at my wand, then gave each other a confused look, though Brer Fox was careful not to meet my eyes. I tried not to show my hurt, instead looking at Baloo. He frowned again. "If her, Green Flower stick is what's keeping her from collapsing again, shouldn't she keep it as shiny as possible? " Lewis made a so-so sign with one hand. "Yes, but there are other dangers out there. Think of a campfire at night. Does that help you see what's in the woods, or does it help what's in the woods see you? " Something like panic crawled up and down my spine, making my tail fluff out with static. I could not begin to describe how much I hated everything about this place. Milo kept turning to look behind him, then turning away like he was afraid of what he would see. Was it really Yzma he was concerned about, or something else in the fog? "We need to go. You guys need to go, too. Get on the train, and you'll find our contact on the other side. I'm sorry we can't do anything more right now. Good luck. " Then he took Lewis's arm and walked back down the path, the child griping about the treatment but not pulling away. Soon, they'd vanished into the mist like they were never there at all. Brer Fox took a step like he wanted to pursue them, but Baloo held him back, steering us both towards the faint yellow glow. "We'd best get out of the open before we get into any more trouble. " The fox snarled halfheartedly at him, but didn't resist. I was hit with awareness for Baloo and Milo's similar positions; they were just trying to take care of their own wards. Even if I couldn't understand much of what Milo had said, I could understand that. I let out another icy breath and tried to release some frustration with it, allowing the bear to heard us into the train station. The yellow glow didn't get any brighter as we got near, but it got closer. It made a shape like a stable in the gloom, only opening up into a full facility when we were within five feet of the entrance. I could only tell that there were pillars on either side by the rectangular reflection the lanterns made on the walls; the glow was their shadow, instead of their light. My companions were silent, but the whispers weren't. The whispers liked this place. It took a second for me to realize that I was going to have to lead them into the station. I knew what the inside was supposed to look like, and they didn't; they were going to stand here, frozen and uncertain, until I moved. I guess that was a bit of me that I imparted into them. I took a steadying breath and held out my wand, and soft green light was the only thing able to penetrate the haze. I checked the other's faces for signs of disapproval--we had just been told that shining the light everywhere might not be safe. Brer Fox wouldn't even look at me enough to impatiently urge me onward. Baloo had to instead, much more gently and passively, which was kind of him, but not what I was looking for. My face was aching from tensing my jaw so much. I turned away and stomped into the station, knuckles white on the wand for more than one reason. He acted like it was my fault that I died and he came out incomplete. Jerk. I ignored the fact that I'd felt guilty about just that moments ago. The que fences around the station were dark, the metal dripping with condensation. Not a soul stood in line, which, I mean, why would they, but still. The train station was one of the more crowded ques in the park. It was wrong to see it so empty in the afternoon. It was afternoon, right? Did time here work the same way my phone tried to count it as? Emptiness should mean silence, but again, it was anything but. The whispers were everywhere. Above me, floating on the ceiling; below me, hiding below the fence rungs; drifting here and there in the air, all eager and conspiratory and excited for something. There wasn't even a bit of litter on the ground from the missing guests, which was different from everywhere else we'd been, but there were whispers. I tried to get a bead on the others to see if they could hear them, too. I did have the Jabberwocky in my head, but did that mean I should hear all these other voices, too? The fox and the bear scanned the area warily, but they didn't perk an ear or turn at the sound of a voice. Why was it only me? It wasn't fair. None of this was fair. The whispers got more eager as I reached the edge of the room, though I couldn't make out any of the words. If there were any words. Rising from the grave of the white murk was the Wilderness Train, empty as a robbed tomb. The miasma of fog poured over the top in a vaporous waterfall, creating a dome around the wooden interior. The doors all hung partially open, like the staff just left it in mid-prep and ran. Normally, the train's conductor or engineer would be hanging out of the engine's window to wave at people, but I couldn't even make out the engine's seat. Just a looming silhouette, a damp hint of rust, and nothing more. My head felt cold. Once I was close enough to make out the train seats--oddly dry, in spite of the Foggerfall (TM) flowing over the roof of the car--I was abruptly pushed aside as Brer Fox, par for the course, vaulted over the waist-high door to get in. I almost shouted at him, but then shut my mouth, clacking my teeth together so hard that I could imagine them cracking. Baloo came around me and grabbed the door, grunting as he forced it open wide enough for us to walk through. He swept out his arm. "Age before beauty. Uh, no wait, other way around. " I tried to smile at him, but ended up flopping down rather miserably beside Brer Fox in the car. He'd picked the furthest bench, which meant our backs were against the wall of the train. That could be good or bad depending on how an encounter went. Baloo tried to squeeze in, but had to make do with the front bench, his legs propped up on a parallel seat. The aisle simply wasn't built for bears. It only occurred to me that I didn't know how to start the train when the train started moving by itself. My heart skipped a beat. I had no idea who or what was in the engine car. Brer Fox and Baloo didn't seem to think anything was amiss with this, though, and I didn't want to worry them. Maybe whatever started the train was a friendly thing that just liked trains. Hopefully. None of us spoke as we left the station behind. Like Milo and Lewis before, it was swallowed by mist and gone from our sight. There was no announcer greeting us, no conductor to give us a witty tour of the wildlife preservation grounds. The jungle was invisible in all the white, blank as the void and just as silent. Even the whispers were quiet now. I felt my stomach drop. The silence was stifling. I couldn't breath. Then Baloo began quietly humming "The Bear Necessities" to himself, and I could breath again. The veil didn't lift, but it edged away from us a smidgen, out of the contact of my wand's light. Baloo watched the rolling whiteness go by outside, like he could see anything in it. Maybe he was trying to find something to see. I glanced again at Brer Fox. He was hunched over, head down, arms crossed, fur bristling. He still wouldn't look at me. Hurt roiled in my gut, playing in the empty space left by the fear pulling everything downwards. It wasn't fair. We were just doing okay, and now we weren't. What could I say to make this better? Or, at least, to make the discomfort go by faster? I bit my lip, trying to dampen down my frustration. "Um. " His ear twitched a little, but otherwise, he was still as a statue. "Uh. I. " Come on, just use your words! Move your lips, it's something everyone can do! Well, most people. Some people use Sign Language instead, but that's still a valid means of communication. Communication was the important part. There could be no friendship without it. "Thanks, " I finally mumbled, feeling like an idiot, but at least saying something. "For being here, " I added, to clarify. For a moment, he didn't react, and I thought he was going to just ignore me. Then his head lifted a little, and so did my hopes. "Didn't ask to be here. " My hopes crashed and burned, shot down by the hurt that was making a warzone of my insides. "What? Of course you didn't! Neither did I! We didn't choose for any of this to happen. " The fox's head rose, and now I could see the same burning hurt in his own eyes. "You brought me here, din'cha? Plucked me outta my neck of the woods and dropped me in this cesspit wit'ye! " I shook my head, unable to believe my ears. In the background, Baloo's humming drifted serenely on, either oblivious to our noise or trying to drown us out. "Not by choice! I didn't want the Jabberwocky to bring me here, and I certainly didn't want to die! " My voice cracked on that last word. It was still hard to believe. Brer Fox's muzzle curled in doubt. "The eye monster's in yer head, now, though. You said y'could hear 'im. " Baloo's humming grew louder, and I felt a cold finger poke my brain. There was a distant giggle. "I didn't want that, either! I didn't want any of this, I never-" I pinched the bridge of my nose. This argument was going nowhere, we were both just saying the same thing and he couldn't see that. "Look, if I bother you so much, you don't have to stick around. You can go if you need to. But, up until now, you stayed, and you helped, and I thought you cared. " My voice quieted; I hadn't realized I'd raised it until now. "That's why I was thanking you. " The thought of him leaving filled me with dread. He was my first ally here. I would make do with just Baloo, if I had to, but I wanted them both there with me. Maybe that was selfish of me. He looked uncomfortable, the anger in his eyes slowly being replaced by something unfamiliar. His ears flicked, and he fixed a glare Baloo's way. "Quit yer warblin', I ain't hearin' myself think! " I frowned and turned to Baloo. I wouldn't have called it warbling; I'd always thought he had a nice singing voice in the movie, but he was being really loud. He didn't quiet down now, either. Brer Fox growled unhappily at being ignored. I reached over to tap the bear's shoulder. "Er, Baloo? Could you hum a little quieter, it's-" My hand went through him. Brer Fox froze beside me, and I slowly turned back to him, both of our eyes wide. Then ice shot up my veins and I snatched my arm back with a shout. I couldn't hear my shout, though. I could only hear the humming. It was all around us. Seeping in through the mist that reached grasping fingers through the slatted wall. It thrummed through the benches and rattled through the speakers. The fox grabbed his hat and pulled it down over his ears, searching wildly for the source. The cold spread up my arm and into my head, melding with the hum into a dull throb. Shaking, I raised the wand and its light grew brighter, illuminating the train car. It deepened the shadows on our faces, except for Baloo--the rays went right through him and into the white beyond. The cold receded, and the humming left our brains, only to grow much louder outside. It was like a hundred elephants were chasing down the train, gaining ground each second, lessening the distance with each decibel raised. "Why isn't this working? " I tried to shout, but again, I couldn't hear myself. Brer Fox yanked on my arm and pointed at the nothingness that the now-translucent Baloo was still looking into. It wasn't quite so nothing anymore. Dark shapes were becoming clearer in the fog, and they were getting bigger the longer I looked. I raised my arm higher. Maybe I could shoot them down before they reached us. The fox yanked on my arm again, pulling the wand down to waist height. I gave him an incredulous look, and he shouted something indecipherable. Reading his lips was nearly impossible, given that he had a snout, so all I could make out was a couple syllables that looked like, "camp fire. " Oh. Oh, crap. I hugged the wand to my chest, once again cursing my role as an Idiot Horror Protagonist. The light was a beacon of warmth, sure, and a beacon of a free buffet for any hungry monsters nearby. I shook the wand, wishing the light into dimness, please, please. The dark shapes seemed to be nearly within reach of the train car. Could Baloo not see them? Could they see Baloo? Brer Fox spun me around and braced his arms on my shoulders, trying to block some of the light. Slowly, slowly, the green glow lowered in intensity, then flickered, then went out. As it did, the cold returned full force, making my whole side ache all the way up through my skull. I was shaking uncontrollably, too afraid to turn my head and see if the shapes were climbing into the train car. Fox claws dug into my shoulder blades, and I knew they were going to leave another mark. The humming was loud, loud, loud in my head, rocking the whole locomotive with its weight. Then, like the light, the rocking slowed to a rattle, then sighed to a stop. All was dark. All was quiet. Quiet as a robbed grave. "You kits okay? Is she having another episode? " Our heads snapped up to find Baloo, solid and lucid, giving us a very confused expression. The train had stopped, and I could now see the thick, rubbery leaves of the jungle trees dripping in the fog. My ears were popping like we'd changed air pressure. There was nothing else in the car; not a sound, not a silhouette. We were alive. We were okay. I let out a long wheeze and slumped against Brer Fox, my head thunking against his collarbone. He wheezed in response, pushing me away and vaulting out of the train. I fell back the other way and laid flat on the bench. The fog was still seeping through the slats in the wall, but so was some outside light. I never wanted to see another void of nothingness again, but I had a feeling it wouldn't be the last. I was just wondering why I hadn't heard any giggling since the cold started, when Baloo's head came into view, a halo of mist forming around his fur. "Did something happen on the way? I didn't hear anything from you, you were just quiet, so I thought you were napping. " I met his eyes, ready to explain, and that's when I heard the giggle. I flinched and looked at his chin instead. "I'll... I'll explain later. " Baloo didn't look satisfied, but he didn't press the matter. He reached a paw down, and I took it, letting him help me up onto my feet. I started to let go, but he pulled my arm back, frowning deeply at it. I looked to see what was the matter, My whole arm was coated in ice. From fingertip to shoulder blade--still stinging from the fox claws--there was a thick, hard shell, like a frozen glove. I gently pried my hand from Baloo's grip and tested my fingers, moving my arm. It could move fine. It felt cold, sure, but not hurting as bad as it should be. Not as bad as when we were in transit and my arm moved through Baloo's image. My lips trembled, but I was tired of crying and did my best to hold it back. I wondered if the tension in my jaw would ever fade. "That's... not good. " "Looks pretty not good, yeah, " Baloo breathed. "When did that happen? " I didn't know what to say to that. "You two comin' out or what? " Our other companion snapped from outside. Baloo turned, and I used the opportunity to snake past him, dashing through the open door. It had opened fully on its own this time. I peered at the engine car, but it was no clearer than it had been at the first station. Brer Fox was leaning against a pillar, half bent, catching his breath. I was reminded of our exit from the clinic and shuddered. My movement caught his eye, and then my arm did much moreso. He snatched it and I yelped; his claws tapped at the ice and it felt like he was scraping my skin. "Ow, that hurts! " His hands stilled, and gave me the same concerned frown Baloo was wearing. I felt disproportionately relieved despite the situation; at least he didn't look angry anymore. His anger must have been brewing since we first entered the candy shop, and I really didn't want it to build up further. I just wanted us to be friends. "This happened when... " He nodded his head at Baloo, who was still squeezing out of the train. I grimaced and nodded. "I don't think he knew it was happening. He didn't mean it. " I'd phrased it that way for a reason. I would think that this was just something else taking advantage of the situation to hurt me, but the ice first started in my head when I met Baloo's eyes at Zuri's. Now, the ice first started outside my head when something made me phase through Baloo. There was something going on with the bear, but he didn't know it, and he wasn't trying to do it. He was a victim like any of us. The fox hrmed noncommittally. "Seems like none of us did. " My shoulders slumped. "Yeah... yeah. " There was a huff and a pop as Baloo finally fell out of the car and onto his face. I reached to help him up, but Brer Fox subtly held me back and slid forward instead, yanking the bear to his feet and almost making all three of us tumble to the ground. "Do you think this person we're meeting can help fix your arm? " Baloo was breathing hard, and had trouble getting the words out. "I hope so. " I had no idea, so it was all I could say. "We ain't gonna know nothin' 'till we find 'em. " Brer Fox gestured to the path away from the station, which led into yet more mist-enshrouded woods. Yay. He must have seen the displeasure on my face, because he linked elbows with my good arm and started dragging me forward. I squawked and flailed for Baloo. "Wait, wait, not this again! " The fox was not to be deterred, though. Either the talk on the train had made him feel guilty, or he was striving with all his heart to keep from having to talk about his feelings some more. He'd flipped a switch and gone from Avoidance Mode to Enthusiastically Overresponsible Mode, and it was all Baloo could do to run after us. "Hold on, we don't even know where we're going! " "The big one makes a good point! " remarked the baboon that was now directly in our way. "You might want to stop and ask for directions! " Well, we stopped alright. But, it was when Brer Fox went running full tilt into the tall monkey, making a high pitched, yipping noise upon impact. Which led to me slamming into the fox, which led to Baloo slamming into both of us, which led to all of us tangled in a pile on the ground. Rafiki hadn't been moved an inch by the crash. He laughed at us; a cackle that would have been creepy, normally, but now was far more pleasant in comparison to the Jabberwocky's voice. It was so much warmer. "Watching where you're going would be a good improvement, too! ".

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