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Movie stream der mönch mit der todesfaustin. YouTube. "I will give you a warrior's death. Backstory and Overview Prince Goro was once set to lead the Shokan, a four-armed race of half-dragons subjugated ages ago by Shao Kahn. Goro was Mortal Kombat champion nine tournaments in a row. He was defeated by Liu Kang in the tenth, ending Outworld's hopes of assimilating Earthrealm. The Shokan served the Outworld throne until Shao Kahn's death. They refused to take sides in the resulting civil war and were thus outcast. After their king and Goro's father, Gorbak, died, the Shokan were about to welcome Goro as their new leader until he lost all four of his arms in a fight with Kotal Kahn. Said injuries lead to his claim to the throne being thrown out. This enraged Goro, who exiled himself from the Shokan. All he left them with was a promise: that he will make them beg for mercy, and that they will receive none. This is composite Goro, so this RT will cover all officially licensed media Goro has been in. Feats will be tagged according to the following key. Note that only the first category of tags count as canon sources, so if you're only using canon Goro, only use those feats. Canon Material Old Timeline Mortal Kombat: MK Mortal Kombat 4: MK4 Mortal Kombat: Deception: Deception Mortal Kombat: Armageddon: Armageddon New Timeline Mortal Kombat (2011) MK9 Mortal Kombat X Comics: X Comics Mortal Kombat X: MKX Spinoff Material Spinoff Games Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks: Shaolin Monks Comics Midway Comics: Midway Malibu Comics: Malibu Trama Comics (Brazilian MK4 Series) Trama Live Action Media Mortal Kombat (movie) Movie Books (Mouse over for chapter number. Mortal Kombat (Jeff Rovin novel) Rovin Mortal Kombat (movie novelization) Movie Novel Theres also some additional tags used. [Gameplay] This tag means that a feat was accomplished in gameplay, not in a cutscene or something else like that. Strength Old Timeline Alongside Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung, Goro breaks through a magically reinforced door. Armageddon New Timeline [Gameplay] Crushes a skull to pieces in one hand. This is only seen in his animation for starting a match. MK9 After getting frozen by Cyber Sub-Zero, Goro is able to break out of the ice. MK9 Ripped off a guys arms and legs all at once, with one arm each. It should be noted that this feat occurs in a flashback. X Comics Stomps Kotal Ketz into the ground hard enough to create a crater, then smashes his head into a rock hard enough to break the rock and his skull, then takes his hammer and reduces his head to gore with one swing. X Comics Stomps a downed Kotal Kahn hard enough that it breaks up the ground beneath him. X Comics Knocks a guy back with a kick then stomps into the ground hard enough to make a crater. X Comics [Gameplay] Casually tears a dude in two. MKX Spinoff Games Breaks apart a column with one attack. Shaolin Monks Breaks floor tiles with a punch, then sends Kung Lao flying with another attack. Shaolin Monks Lifts up Johnny Cage, smashes him to the ground hard enough to break floor tiles, then flings him away like a ragdoll. Shaolin Monks Leaps through a stone and wood wall. Shaolin Monks Rips a column out of the ground and uses it as a club. Shaolin Monks Comics Sends a guy flying with one attack, then does the same with another. Malibu Smashes stone to bits with a punch. Malibu Breaks out of ice and knocks away Raiden, Sub-Zero, and Johnny Cage with one attack. Malibu Mangles a police car with one attack. Malibu Twists a metal lamp post that was bent around him and uses it to send Zaggot flying. Malibu Knocks away Reptile. Malibu Attacks Jax, using his barbell as a bludgeon. This attack leaves Jax hospitalized. Malibu For reference, Malibu Jax is durable enough to survive being on an exploding boat, be unfazed after getting in a car crash, and be fine after getting launched out of a boat and into a rock. Smashes apart a table. Malibu Smashes another table in two with ease. Malibu Knocks down a charging Centaurian. Midway His very footsteps shake a stone floor so hard that Johnny Cage is knocked to the ground. Trama Uppercuts Johnny Cage so hard he flies up and breaks a stone ceiling. Trama Tosses away Johnny Cage like a ragdoll. Trama Tosses Jax through a stone wall, breaking a huge hole in it. Trama Tosses Jax through a stone wall so hard he flies into another stone wall, cracking it apart. Trama Live Action Media Crushes Johnny Cage's sunglasses in one hand. Movie For reference, those were five hundred dollar sunglasses, asshole. Books His charging footsteps rattle a courtyard. Rovin Cracks stone with his punches. Rovin Ripped out the Great Kung Laos heart. Rovin Levels a tree with a punch. Rovin Lifts up a shattered tree and uses it to send Raiden flying. Rovin Sends Johnny Cage flying across a garden with a backhanded blow. Movie Novel Durability New Timeline Gets frozen by Cyber Sub-Zero and survives. MK9 Gets back up after taking an attack from Kotal Ketz that breaks his jaw and tears up stone. X Comics Hes just fine after standing close to an attack that created a crater in the ground and literally fried Rain. X Comics Survives getting all four arms removed by Kotal Kahn. X Comics Spinoff Games Unaffected by a Shadow Kick from Johnny Cage. Shaolin Monks He's just fine after leaping through a stone and wood wall. Shaolin Monks Comics Takes a lightning attack to the chest from Raiden. Malibu For reference, Malibu Raiden's lightning is powerful enough to blow a wide hole in a stone wall. Taking a kick from Liu Kang and getting frozen by Sub-Zero doesn't slow him down in the slightest. Malibu For reference, Malibu Liu Kang is strong enough to bust apart a log with one kick and crack stone with a punch. Pretty much untouched by an energy attack from Rook. Malibu For reference, Rook was able to disintegrate two cops with an energy attack. Takes getting frozen, getting a spear in the neck, an electric attack, an energy attack, and tons of hits from the Kombatant. We don't see him directly after these events because the Goro solo comic is fucking incomprehensible, but the next time we do see him, he's alright. Malibu For reference, the Kombatant was created with the strength of Goro and the abilities of several warriors. His physical attacks should be equal to Goro's in strength, and his electricity attacks should be equal to Raiden's. Scaling for both of these is above. Survives getting cut up by Baraka. Malibu He's fine after falling to the ground hard enough to crack it. Malibu After Goro gets knocked out a window, Liu Kang is certain he'll survive the fall. He does, as he shows up in comics set after this one. Here's a pic of the building he gets knocked out of for reference. It's pretty tall, but what floor the fight takes place on is unknown. Malibu Gets hit with a sacrificial lightning attack by Raiden. Though we don't see him immediately after this, he shows up later and is fine. Malibu While scaling for Raiden's lightning is above, it's important to note that this was a suicide attack. It's likely much stronger than other feats he's shown with his lightning. Live Action Media Recovers from a brutal crotch attack from Johnny Cage. Movie Books Takes and blocks hits from the Great Kung Lao. Those that land only make him angry. Rovin For reference, Rovin Great Kung Lao is strong enough to break apart stone with his punches. Takes a torpedo and throw combination from Raiden that tosses him back. He gets back up. Rovin While caught in a vortex, Goro gets sent flying through walls, furniture, and columns. Afterwards, hes only disoriented. Rovin Keeps fighting with a broken wrist. Movie Novel On top of that, he gets a broken ankle. Still, he doesn't stop fighting. Movie Novel Speed and Agility New Timeline His leaping stomp attack is so fast it looks blurry. X Comics Spinoff Games Leaps into the air. Shaolin Monks One of his leaps sends him forward a great distance. Shaolin Monks Comics Catches a flying kick from Liu Kang. Malibu Leaps down from the rafters and intercepts a Centaurian before they can attack Kitana. Midway Catches a punch from Johnny Cage Trama Books His arms are described as "moving almost too fast to see" and moving "blindingly fast. Movie Novel Once again, his arms are described as moving at "blinding speed. Movie Novel Abilities and Weaponry Energy Projection/Pyrokinesis Goro has shown the ability to manipulate both a greenish energy and fire in combat. Old Timeline [Gameplay] Goro can fire green energy blasts from his hands. MK [Gameplay] Goro can spit out fireballs from his mouth. MK4 [Gameplay] Goro can toss fireballs from his hands. Armageddon [Gameplay] Goro can channel fire around his hands. Armageddon [Gameplay] Goro can create a fiery shockwave. Armageddon New Timeline Fires an energy attack from his hand that staggers Kotal Ketz. X Comics One of his energy attacks takes down Kotal Kahn and tears up rock. X Comics [Gameplay] Here's how the energy blasts look in gameplay in the new timeline. MKX [Gameplay] Goro can spit out fireballs in the new timeline as well. MKX [Gameplay] He can also spit out smaller fireballs that burst into a column of flame when they hit the ground. MKX [Gameplay] He also spit out a continuous stream of flame. MKX Other Old Timeline [Gameplay] Goro has access to a ground pound attack. MK4 [Gameplay] Goro can jump high into the air and come down on his opponents with his Teleport Stomp special attack. MK4 [Gameplay] Goro uses two fighting styles of Shokan origin, named Shokan and Kuatan. Armageddon [Gameplay] Goro can make use of a set of four bladed gauntlets called the Dragon Fangs. Armageddon New Timeline Somehow defeated the telekinetic swordsman Kenshi, even while he didnt have any arms. Its unknown if he had assistance or not. X Comics [Gameplay] Goro retains his ground pound in the new timeline. MKX [Gameplay] Goro retains his Teleport Stomp special attack as well. MKX [Gameplay] Goro also has the Dragon Fangs in the new timeline as well. Unlike the old timeline, the blades on these gauntlets are retractable. MKX Comics Solves a riddle before Raiden or Shang Tsung could. Malibu Live Action Media Defeated 20 guys one after the other. Movie Finishers and X-Ray Attacks Old Timeline Fatalities Dragon Fangs - Goro draws four daggers, slashes the opponent with them, then stabs them in the stomach with them. He then draws one out and stabs them in the head with it. Deception Limb Rip - Goro grabs his opponents by the limbs, then rips them all off at once. Deception Other Finishers Hara-Kiri: Self Impale - Goro draws four daggers. He stabs two of them into his torso, then two of them into his head. Deception New Timeline X-Ray Attacks Crusher - Grabbing his opponent with his lower arms, Goro crushes their skull with his upper ones. He then smashes them to the ground, breaking the skull further. MK9 Spine Adjustment - Goro grabs his opponent by the head, snapping their neck. Head still in the grip of his upper arms, he grabs their waist with his lowe pair and stretches them out, breaking their spine in the process. MKX Fatalities Disconnect Four - With two arms, Goro rips his opponent's head off. Then he takes it in all four, and tears it into quarters. MK9 Torn Apart - Goro grabs his opponent with his upper arms, ripping their legs off with his lower ones. He then spins them around and rips off their arms as well. He finishes the fatality by tearing what's left of them in two vertically. MK9 Peek-A-Boo - Goro pushes his opponents head into their body. Then, he rips off a piece of their chest, revealing the head within. MKX Shokan Amputation - Goro leaps into the air, crashing down on his opponent. While on top of them, he grabs a limb in each hand, tearing them all off. MKX Brutalities Speed Bag - Grabbing his opponent with his lower arms, Goro begins to pummel them in the head with his upper arms. One final two-handed smash blasts their head to pieces. MKX If performed in his Dragon Fangs variation, a different version of this Brutality occurs, in which Goro stabs the opponent several times, tosses them to the ground, and destroys part of their back and head with a stomp. MKX Krush - Goro leaps into the air, landing back down on his opponent, destroying them completely on impact. MKX Chest Bump - Goro rushes at his opponent with a chest bump that sends their head flying. He then grabs them and throws them behind him, tearing off the flesh of their legs in the process. MKX Tail Spin - Spinning around, Goro decapitates the opponent with one of his Dragon Fangs, destroying their upper body in the process. MKX Shokan Flame - Goro reduces his opponent to a smoldering skeleton with his fire breath. MKX Secret Brutality - Goro hits his opponent with a double uppercut. The uppercut from his upper arm knocks their head into the air, while the one from his lower arm obliterates their torso. MKX Spinoff Games Fatalities Boss Fatality - Goro grabs his opponent and hoists them up, then slams them onto his knee. He then smashes them into the ground and flings them a massive distance away. Shaolin Monks "I did not expect to fight in this tournament. But eventually, even the Shaolin produce a warrior worthy of a Shokan...

We are one of the largest and most respected Shaolin Kung Fu schools in the world. Our style originates from the Shaolin temples in northern and southern China, and is taught at centres around the world. We employ traditional training methods which have been used for centuries to teach Kung Fu to Shaolin monks, alongside more modern methods to help our students learn self-defence techniques and improve their fitness.

Mullins Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes are great for all ages. Come try it out for yourself! Fun Energetic classes in a Family Friendly Environment Knowledgable, Friendly Staff No Pressure Great Workout All Ages Welcome 3501 West Market Street, Johnson City, TN 37601 (423) 282-9099 Read More... At Mullins Shaolin, we are proud to offer Kung Fu classes for all ages! While most martial arts schools … Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art often practiced with the aim of promoting health and longevity. Tai chi training … Training is led Elder Master Garry Mullins, an 8th degree Black Belt in Shaolin Martial Arts. The Shaolin schools can trace their lineage back to the Fukien Temple through a succession of Grand Masters. Not in the Johnson City area? Check out some of the other schools in the Shaolin system. Read More...

Movie stream der munch mit der todesfaust. You might have gotten interested in Kung fu by watching some fancy flying actors in the Kung Fu movies or the incredible flips you might have seen in a Kung Fu Show or maybe even seeing a photo of an advanced Chinese master with long white beard and long robes meditating in a temple or in the mountains. We now invite you for the opportunity to train and learn martial arts in China at Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School and experience first hand what it would be like to study under real Kung Fu masters: Personal tailored training plan for every single student: On the first day you arrive at our school, you need to have a meeting with our headmaster: Master Shi Yanjia. He would like to know more about you to help you choose the most suitable course and training plan according to your ideas, your physical condition, your experience and your requirements. You are always welcomed to give him feedback or get more suggestions on training anytime. Learn more about the training plan Small group training, one to one teaching: You will then be assigned to a class of around 10 students led by one master with a specific Kung Fu specialty (Shaolin, Sanda, Wing Chun, or Mantis Boxing) where you will get enough individual one on one learning time with your master as well as group training together with your classmates. Training Schedule 少林&散打班课程表 Shaolin & Sanda Group Training Timetable Time 周一 Monday 周二 Tuesday 周三 Wednesday 周四 Thursday 周五 Friday 6:00 - 7:00 太极/气功 Tai Chi/Chi Kung 7:00 早餐 Breakfast 8:30 - 9:50 基本功 Basics 动作拆解 Applications 气功 Chi Kung 套路 Forms 10:20 - 11:30 弹跳 Jumps and Rolls 功法 Conditioning 拔筋 Power Stretching 12:00 午餐 Lunch 14:30 - 16:00 少林/太极/咏春/螳螂拳 Shaolin/Tai Chi/Wing Chun/Mantis Fist 力量, 爬山 Power Training/Mountain Hiking 复习 Review 16:15 - 17:15 太极/咏春 Tai Chi/Wing Chun 理论课 Theory 自由活动 Free 17:30 晚餐 Dinner 19:30- 20:15 中文课 Chinese Mandarin 书法/推拿 Calligraphy/Massage 21:30 休息 Bedtime 螳螂拳班课程表 Mantis Group Timetable 手法训练 Hand Technique 专项体能训练 Power Training 腿法 Kicks 战术运用 15:00 - 16:30 力量, 爬山 16:45 - 17:45 17:30 - 18:00 Free Time 咏春班课程表 Wingchun Group Timetable 擒拿 Qinna 19:30 - 20:15 *The compulsory training time is 8:30-10:00, 10:20-11:30, and 14:30-16:00. ● 8:30-10:00 and 10:20-11:30 is the training time for your major Kung Fu styles. You can choose one of your favorite subject from Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda (Shaolin Kickboxing) Wing Chun, or Mantis Fist to focus on. ● 14:30-16:00 is the class time for your second training subject. For this class, you can choose either another Kung Fu styles or your major style. *Optional training sections: 6:00-7:00 for Tai Chi and Qigong; 16:20-17:20 you can choose Tai Chi or Wing Chun. For this two classes, you have the right to decide whether you attending this class or not. But as long as you choose the class, you will have to attend the class on time, train for at least one month and passed the test before alternating to a second group or quit. *Optional Cultural classes: Chinese Mandarin, Theory/Buddhism, Massage/Acupuncture, and Calligraphy are all free optional classes. Students can choose to attend it. Monthly grading system: Every students is required to attend the grading at the end of every month... All the masters will sit in front to give marks. We will take all the result and use the average number as your final score. This score will be listed on your graduation paper. Training facilities and preparation: The training hall is next to the accommodation building, looking out onto the outside training area and grounds used for running. It takes 1000 square meters. There are four function areas and training equipment is provided for all classes. 1. Stretching lanes, 2. Wooden Dummies, 3. Sanda pads, gloves and guards as well as basic weapons for Shaolin forms classes, and 4. The training mats used for acrobatics / jumps, take-downs and sparring. Mastering the basics in Shaolin is key to being able to perform more advanced forms or for having good technique in Sanda. Emphasis is given in training basics by masters in accordance with traditional training. The practicing of basic kicks, punches and stances increases strength, agility, speed and technique. This progress translates in the traditional Shaolin forms. Training is intensive so it is recommended for students to prepare before coming to train. Stamina exercise such as running, swimming or doing sports are good ways to increase fitness levels. Flexibility can be an important mediator for progress so doing stretching or yoga will benefit your abilities. For improving strength, a form of functional training such as weights, physical exercise or sprinting would be effective. The learning pace depends on each individual but you should manage to learn at least one form per month. *Here is a list of Traditional Shaolin Fist Forms and Weapons Forms students learn here at Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School: Basic Fist Forms: Wu Bu Quan (Five Step Fists) Lian Huan Quan (Continuance Fists) Er Lu Quan (Second Basic Fists) Guojia Guiding Quan (National Representative Grading Form) Intermediate Fist Forms: Tong Bi Quan (Penetrating Back Fists) Xiao Hong Quan (Small Flood Fists) Da Hong Quan (Big Flood Fists) Taizu Chang Quan (Royal Long Fists) Pao Quan (Cannon Fists) Liu He Quan (Six Harmony Fists) Qi Xing Quan (Seven Star Fists) Chao Yang Quan (Facing Bright Sun Fists) Mei Hua Quan (Plum Blossom Fists) Hei Hu Quan (Black Tiger Fists) Advanced Fist Forms: Louhan Quan (Buddha Palm Fists) Chang Hu Xin Yi Men Quan (Guarding Mind Heart Gate Fists) Shaolin Guiding Quan (Shaolin Grading Form) Drunken Form Monkey Staff Xiang Xing Quan( a. eagle style, b. leopard style, c. tiger style, d. toad style, e. monkey style, f. snake style, g. scorpion style, etc) Weapon Forms: Staff 1. Yin Shou Staff 2. Damo Staff, 3. Fengmo Staff, 4. Southern Staff, 5. Zhenshan Staff, 6. Yin Yang Staff 7. Qi Mei Staff 8. Fire Stick *Broadsword 1. Shaolin Standard Broadsword 2. Long Handle Broadsword 3. Southern Broadsword, 4. Plum Blossom Broadsword *Straight Sword 1. Shaolin Standard Straight Sword 2. Shaolin Damo Straight Sword 3. Shaolin QianKun Straight Sword 4. Plum-Blossom Straight Sword Spear Shaolin Standard Spear Shaolin Thirteen Spear *Shaolin Soft Weapons 1. Chain Whip, 2. Three Section Staff 3. Nunchucks 4. Shepards Whip Double Weapons Double Broadsword Hook Swords Double Nunchucks Heavy Weapons Guan Do Monk Spade Double Hammer * Sparring Weapon Forms Broadsword vs Broadsword One Broadsword or Double Broadsword vs Spear Large Broadsword vs Spear Three Section Staff vs Spear Three People Fighting with Staff *Long Term students can also learn Shaolin 72 Secret Skills, Iron Palm & Iron Head Qi Qong Training and more….

Movie stream der m c3 b6nch mit der todesfaust remix. “Martial arts” is a pretty broad qualifier, as far as film genres go—were talking samurai ( chambara) films and pulpy kung-fu dubs, modern historical epics and blockbuster videogame fodder alike. Which is why weve found the best of the best streaming on Netflix   and have ranked them here, all with the hope that youll like what you see and really seek out some deep-cut classics when you next peruse your local indie film store. With that said … since the last time we compiled this list in 2015, Netflix   has seemingly gone out of its way to purge practically every classic martial arts film from its streaming library, but dont worry—they replaced them with the likes of Lady Bloodfight and My Wife is a Gangster 3. Yes, those are real movie titles, and yes, they are indeed streaming on Netflix   right now. Its bad news if you were a fan of old-school kung fu, as the Shaw Brothers-type films were purged badly—weve also lost the likes of the original Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and even Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill. Theyve been replaced by a lot of low-budget, Scott Adkins-headlined modern actioners in the vein of the Undisputed series, which leaves us asking absurd questions like “Does Lethal Weapon 4 count because of the Jet Li scenes? ” But still, there are a few gems here on Netflix   streaming, largely in the wuxia and modern action subgenres … plus a whole lot of Donnie Yen. Here are the 10 best martial arts movies streaming on Netflix right now. 10. Kung Fu Panda Year: 2008 Director: John Stevenson Kung Fu Panda isnt just a good movie—its a good kung fu movie. The title isnt pandering, because the film truly respects its source material. Jack Black s character may as well be Sammo Hung or Jackie Chan in one of his early roles. All of the classical elements are there—an obnoxious pupil who becomes a fighting machine. A team of (literally) animal-based martial artists with varying styles. An unbeatable, rampaging villain in the vein of the Ghost-Faced Killer from Mystery of Chessboxing. And a secret technique that the hero needs to learn in order to conquer that villain. Its a funny, vibrant film as easily enjoyed by children as adults, and one that the adult viewers should feel no embarrassment for enjoying as much as they do. If you like classical martial arts filmmaking, Kung Fu Panda is probably the most faithful animated twist on the genre that anyone has pulled off so far. Too bad the same cant be said of its overblown sequels. —Jim Vorel 9. The Final Master Year: 2016 Director: Haofeng Xu Haofeng Xus The Final Master is a methodically paced, contemplative martial arts period piece that, while it cant match Wong Kar-Weis The Grandmaster (which Xu co-wrote) in sheer visual splendor, at least still looks pretty darn good as a visual spectacle. Its the tale of a wing chun master, not unlike the ongoing obsession with Ip Man, who travels to a new city and wishes to establish a school of his own to keep the art form alive, but must first train a student to take on a series of challenges from rival schools. If that sounds familiar, its because the same basic structure forms the crux of the first half of Ip Man 2, also on this list. The Final Master, however, aspires to be a deeper film, even if it never quite gets there. It counterpoints the sorrow and emotional scars of the protagonists long-suffering wife with the heros all-consuming passion to keep his martial art alive—its almost as the audience is supposed to consider the art form itself more important than any of the characters. But if you want to see some scintillating knives and edged weapon combat, The Final Master certainly has it in spades. —Jim Vorel 8. Kung Fu Killer Year: 2014 Director: Teddy Chan Despite the messy neck-slittings, face-knucklings and bone-splinterings, Kung Fu Killer (née Kung Fu Jungle) shows a lot of respect. Not for body parts or for the basic laws of physics, but for the cinematic bloodline it so gleefully splits open and spills all over the hyper-neon streets of present-day Hong Kong. Director Teddy Chan knows his way around a brutal fight scene for sure, and he makes it clear from even the films first moments—when action legend Donnie Yen confesses a murder to two duty cops, played by Hong Kong film stalwarts Steve Chan (sound) and stuntman Wong Wai-fai—that his return to directing after five years will be totally in thrall to the filmmaking dynasties that raised him. —Dom Sinacola 7. Ip Man 2 Year: 2010 Director: Wilson Yip The unexpected pathos of 2008s original Ip Man from director Wilson Yip isnt so easy to replicate, but this sequel does what good sequels must: Ups the ante in the action department and more than justifies its own existence. Fleeing the Japanese control of his home city, this film sees Ip and his family immigrating to Hong Kong, where he attempts to set up a school to pass on his deadly wing chun techniques. However, his right to do so is challenged by a rival teacher, played delightfully by a late-career Sammo Hung in one of his better semi-serious roles. The film then sort of veers into Rocky IV territory by introducing a ruthless foreign boxer who Ip must defeat to avenge his newfound friend, and it all leads to exactly the “If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change! ” finale youd expect. Still, the balletic action sequences are even crazier than in the first film, as Ips signature pitter-patter of lightning fast strikes are a joy to watch as he wrecks entire squads of goons in a crowded marketplace. Suffice it to say, this is one youre watching for the choreography and natural talents of Donnie Yen, rather than the story. —Jim Vorel 6. The Assassin Year: 2015 Director: Hou Hsiao-Hsien Hou Hsiao-Hsiens The Assassin is a gorgeous creation, a martial arts movie that willfully withholds and subverts the primary pleasures of the genre to get at something more beautiful, mysterious and timeless. One doesnt watch The Assassin so much as fall under its sway. The Taiwanese directors first film since 2007s Flight of the Red Balloon, The Assassin takes us back to ninth-century China as the Tang dynasty is beginning to unravel. Shu Qi plays Nie Yinniang, whom (we learn in an opening crawl) was abducted by a nun when she was only 10 and trained in martial arts. Years later, Nie has been ordered to return to her homeland to assassinate Tian (Chang Chen) a warlord to whom she had been promised in marriage as a child. The Assassin s story is somewhat simplistic but, as depicted by Hou, also incredibly complicated, with scenes of throne-room intrigue littering the films first half. If the plot machinations are hard to follow, frequent Hou cinematographer Mark Lee Ping Bing makes it all look arresting. With scenes often taking place indoors at night, The Assassin can feel almost dreamlike, an impression heightened by the fact that the filmmaker often places in between his camera and the actors thin, billowing curtains, which create the sensation that were watching half-remembered incidents or eavesdropping on top-secret meetings. The martial arts film has similarities to the Western, and The Assassin could be seen in some ways as Hous version of an Unforgiven, in which narrative tenets and character types are in service to a higher purpose, a more audacious form of art. The violence isnt the point of The Assassin: The words and action that lead to violence are. Consequently, The Assassin strips away any notion of escapism: Fight scenes are just another form of politics in Hous movie. The film is so immaculately constructed—Hou has worked on The Assassin for years—that its all of a piece, a diamond that inspires awe and gasps. —Tim Grierson 5. Call of Heroes Year: 2016 Director: Benny Chan Call of Heroes, despite sounding suspiciously like the name of a mobile game youd be pumping endless cash into for no good reason, is actually one of the better historical martial arts throwbacks in recent memory. Structuring itself for all intents and purposes like a classic Shaw Brothers chop-socky, it positions the valorous rural townspeople against the big, bad, corrupt government officials who kill because theyre 100% composed of psychopaths in their ranks. Still, there are some deeper hints of Sergio Leone and especially Akira Kurosawa   on display here as well, as well as some truly off-the-wall practical effects. Its a potent fusion of modern Hong Kong-Chinese blockbuster filmmaking with the kind of old-school stuntwork that students of the genre crave. It might feel familiar to something youd have seen out of Shaw or Golden Harvest in the ‘70s, but in the eyes of many fans, that would be a good thing. —Jim Vorel 4. 13 Assassins Year: 2011 Director: Takashi Miike An adaptation of Seven Samurai more in spirit than in tone and plot, Miikes 13 Assassins is a sprawling blood bath of mythic proportions—so, in other words, nothing new for the Japanese auteur. What Miike later expounded upon with his faithful adaptation of Masaki Kobayashis Hara-kiri ( also available on Netflix streaming) he began here, translating classic chamabara films into neo-realistic accounts of a gritty, painful time for Japanese culture, making historical epics literally eviscerating experiences. Long and grueling, 13 Assassins could easily be Miikes best film—a high honor coming from such a multifaceted and unsettling filmmaker—but the film is worth watching if only for the moment when the phrase “TOTAL MASSACRE” makes its reappearance. Just … goose bumps. —Dom Sinacola 3. Kill Zone 2, aka SPL II: A Time for Consequences Year: 2016 Director: Cheang Pou-soi The first thing to note about Kill Zone 2 is that Kill Zone 2 isnt its actual title. Its actual title is SPL II: A Time for Consequences, in which “SPL” spells out to “Sha Po Lang, ” a collective Chinese phrase that refers to a trio of stars used in methods of fortune telling. “Sha” signifies power, “Po” destruction, “Lang” lust—but youd think that at least one of them would translate roughly to something along the lines of “Tony Jaa and Wu Jing kick your ass. ” Kill Zone 2 isnt about astrology, its about two in-shape, highly skilled martial artists teaming up to crack skulls, snap limbs and pummel leukemia. The second thing to note about Kill Zone 2 is that its a sequel in name only to 2005s Kill Zone —Cheang Pou Sois follow up to Wilson Yips original is its own picture, a sprawling action thriller split into three separate but interconnected plotlines. As such, its very foundation is built on coincidences, which add excess density to an already dense narrative. But Cheang keeps the threads straight, which is as impressive a feat as any of his films stunts. In fact, Kill Zone 2 impresses all around. —Andy Crump 2. Headshot Year: 2017 Director: Timo Tjahjanto, Kimo Stamboel Anyone familiar with the tropes of this kind of flick can pretty easily guess that Ishmael (Iko Uwais) is a veritable killing machine, a man bred to wreck any poor bastard fool enough to tangle with him. The film takes his backstory beyond the edges of obviousness, though, eventually landing somewhere in the same neighborhood as movies like Louis Leteriers Unleashed (a. k. a. Danny the Dog) where childhood innocence is tied to adult barbarity. Headshot is surprisingly melancholic, an actioner built to break hearts as easily as Uwais breaks bones, characters paying for the crimes of their past with their lives in the present. In several instances, innocent people end up paying, too: Lees thugs hijack a bus on its way to Jakarta, intending on finding Ishmael. When they realize he isnt aboard, they murder the other passengers and burn the evidence, which just adds to Ishmaels moral onus. —Andy Crump 1. Ip Man Year: 2008 Director: Wilson Yip 2008s Ip Man was finally the moment when the truly excellent but never fairly regarded Donnie Yen came into his own, playing a loosely biographical version of the legendary grandmaster of Wing Chun and teacher of a number of future martial arts masters, one of whom was Bruce Lee. The film takes place in 1930s Foshan (a city famous for martial arts in southern/central China) where the unassuming master tries to weather the 1937 Japanese invasion and occupation of China peacefully, but is eventually forced into action—limb-shattering, face-pulverizing action. This semi-historical film succeeds gloriously: both as cinematic triumph and as martial arts fan-bait. —K. Alexander Smith.


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